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Melanie Martinez Costume

melanie martinez costume

Melanie Martinez is one of the hottest artists at the minute with a unique style of fashion and music she’s created a winning combination for consumers. She is known for her ‘crybaby’ theme which is consistent throughout all her current music videos, adapting a nickname she was given as a child into a brand and […]

Sapphire Steven Universe Cosplay


Well I thought that was the last of the Steven Universe tutorials for this week but no, there are so many more awesome characters to cover. Today we’ll show you how to put together a Sapphire Steven Universe cosplay from scratch. Sapphire is a character from Steven Universe introduced to viewers in the episode ‘Jail Break’ […]

Vidalia Steven Universe Costume

Vidalia Steven Universe Costume

We took a short break from SU themed tutorials but today we’re back at it again with a Vidalia Steven Universe costume guide for fans of the series. Vidalia is only a minor character from Steven Universe who first appeared in a flashback in the episode ‘Story for Steven’, then reappeared in the ‘Onion Friend’ episode […]

Shiro Deadman Wonderland Costume


Deadman Wonderland is a anime and manga series by author Jinsei Kataoka and illustrator Kazuma Kondou. After third quarters of Japan is destroyed in a great earthquake and sunk into the ocean, the series follows the life of a student called Ganta Igarashi ten years later who has no idea what happened. He later finds out about the earthquake […]

Padme Amidala Costume


With Star Wars Force Awakens quickly becoming one of the highest grossing movies of all time just behind Titanic and Avatar (James Cameron remains supreme) and grossing over two BILLION dollars I thought now was the best time to add more Star Wars themed guides to the blog. We’ve already covered Poe, Finn and Rey […]

Undyne Undertale Cosplay


Undertale is an RPG video game about a fictional underground world filled with different monsters and beings. One such being is Undyne who presents as a blue and red, arrow bearing scaly sea creature. We’re having a little break for Steven Universe tutorials here on the blog but don’t worry they’ll be back before you know. […]

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