Statue of Liberty Costume

The Statue of Liberty is perhaps the most well known sculptures in the world and a famous landmark, a gift from the French to the Americans to represent freedom and welcome refugees entering the United States. The statue depicts a robed female figure hoisting a torch above her head supposed to represent the Roman goddess Libertas. […]

Christopher Columbus Costume

Christopher Columbus is an Italian explorer and colonizer from the 15th century who ‘discovered’ America, although it could more accurately be said that he stumbled upon America while looking for India. This is how the Native Americans were accidently named ‘Indians’. Although other explorers such as the Vikings had discovered America before Christopher, this was […]

Audrey Ramirez Cosplay

Atlantis: The Lost Empire is one of my favourite animated Disney films and hands down the most underrated movie in their collection, it doesn’t get half as much credit it deserves. Atlantis was released back in 2001 by Walt Disney and in the first science fiction movie of theirs, and focuses on the adventures of […]

Peridot Steven Universe Costume

Steven Universe is an animated television show by Rebecca Sugar, developed while she was working on Adventure Time, that airs on Cartoon Network. It focuses on the adventures of a young boy called Steven who lives with the ‘Crystal Gems’ in Beach City who each have a unique special power and defend Earth from extra-terrestrial threats. […]

Ariana Grande Costume

Ariana Grande has gone from strength to strength over the eight years beginning her career starring as a Nickelodeon child actress in Victorious as Cat Valentine from 2009, and when the show ended after four successful seasons she was given her own spin off show (Sam & Cat) with iCarly’s Jennette McCurdy In 2013 she […]

Emma Watson Belle Costume

It has been a while since we’ve seen Emma Watson star in a blockbuster role, she certainly hasn’t lost her spark taking on the role of Belle in a remake of Disney’s classic animated movie Beauty and the Beast. Thanks in big part to Emma’s participation in the movie it quickly became the highest grossing movie […]

Poison Ivy Costume

Poison Ivy is the main antagonist from the Batman series who made her first appearance all the way back in 1966. Her main area of expertise is in botany which is reflected in her superpowers and weapons of choice. Her superpower allows her to use her toxic bloodstream as a weapon, making her poison to the touch […]

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