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Life Is Strange Chloe Cosplay

Life is Strange is a multi-platform adventure video game that was released episodically in six instalments from January to October 2015. It follows the adventures of Max Caulfield who finds out she can rewind time. The game focuses on how the player deals with this weird phenomena and how they navigate the increasingly complex storyline as Max tries […]

Max Caulfield Cosplay

In this post we’ll be showing you how to put together your own Max Caulfield cosplay from the video game: Life is Strange. There’s everything you need to transform into this character including: wig, shirt & jacket, satchel, jeans and shoes as well as a makeup tutorial (including freckles) to bring everything together. Life is Strange is […]

Sora Kingdom Hearts Costume

If you’re someone who grew up in the 2000’s like I did then you will be very familiar with the video game Kingdom Hearts, which originated from the PS2 era released back in 2002. So far there has been eight games in total with many sequels planned. The series doesn’t appear to be coming to an […]

Undyne Undertale Cosplay

Undertale is an RPG video game about a fictional underground world filled with different monsters and beings. One such being is Undyne who presents as a blue and red, arrow bearing scaly sea creature. We’re having a little break for Steven Universe tutorials here on the blog but don’t worry they’ll be back before you know. […]

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