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Princess Mulan Costume

Mulan is a 1998 animated musical drama movie by Disney which is loosely based on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan, a female warrior from China’s Southern and Northern Dynasties. The film focuses on Mulan as she pretends to be a man taking her fathers place during a conscription to counter a Hun invasion. It dealt with complex […]

Forrest Gump Costume

Forrest Gump was book by Winston Gloom that was turned into a feature film back in 1994, it has remained a classic 90’s film to this day and became one of Tom Hanks most memorable movies. The book and subsequent movie focus on the adventures of Forrest Gump from Alabama, who over the course of […]

Princess Bride Inigo Montoya Costume

The Princess Bride was a romantic comedy movie released back in 1987 about a farmhand called Westley who goes on an adventure with him comrades to save his one true love Princess Buttercup from the main antagonist Prince Humperdinck. Inigo Montoya is another character from the movie who meets Westley along his journey to defeat Humperdinck. Although he is always shown to be inebriated he is infact […]

Newt Scamander Costume

I’m certainly not alone when I say Harry Potter was a big part of my childhood; starting with reading the books and then seeing the movies as they came out. Harry Potter became the biggest movie franchise in history making J.K Rowling the richest author on Earth. So it only made sense once the series was […]

Megara Hercules Costume

We’ve all heard of Hercules from ancient Greek mythology, the son of Zeus who is known for his super human strength. In 1997 Disney created a movie and television to tell his story in a way that would be relatable to modern day audiences. Although it didn’t perform well at the box office when it […]

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