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Melanie Martinez Costume

Melanie Martinez is one of the hottest artists at the minute with a unique style of fashion and music she’s created a winning combination for consumers. She is known for her ‘crybaby’ theme which is consistent throughout all her current music videos, adapting a nickname she was given as a child into a brand and […]

Sollux Captor Cosplay

Homestuck is a webcomic by Andrew Hussie that had a meteoric rise to mainstream popularity back in 2009 and was officially concluded this month (April 2016). It centers around a group of teenagers who accidentally bring about the end of the world by releasing a beta copy of a video game. With Homestuck reaching it’s […]

Emoji Costume DIY

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade then you’ll know that social media has taken off in a BIG way, we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a plethora of other social media networks that allow anyone to post whatever is on their mind at any moment. No one is more than […]

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