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Peridot Steven Universe Costume

Steven Universe is an animated television show by Rebecca Sugar, developed while she was working on Adventure Time, that airs on Cartoon Network. It focuses on the adventures of a young boy called Steven who lives with the ‘Crystal Gems’ in Beach City who each have a unique special power and defend Earth from extra-terrestrial threats. […]

Sapphire Steven Universe Cosplay

Well I thought that was the last of the Steven Universe tutorials for this week but no, there are so many more awesome characters to cover. Today we’ll show you how to put together a Sapphire Steven Universe cosplay from scratch. Sapphire is a character from Steven Universe introduced to viewers in the episode ‘Jail Break’ […]

Vidalia Steven Universe Costume

We took a short break from SU themed tutorials but today we’re back at it again with a Vidalia Steven Universe costume guide for fans of the series. Vidalia is only a minor character from Steven Universe who first appeared in a flashback in the episode ‘Story for Steven’, then reappeared in the ‘Onion Friend’ episode […]

Sardonyx Steven Universe Cosplay

I’ve added tons of new Steven Universe guides to the blog last month and seeing as they’ve already proven popular I’m continuing today with another this time looking at how to create your own Sardonyx Steven Universe cosplay from scratch. There are no official costumes at the time of writing but with a little creativity we […]

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