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Chuckie Rugrats Costume

Charles Finster or Chuckie as his friends call him is part of a cartoon show called Rugrats. He is an adorable and cute kid with red cool hair and funky purple glasses. He is the scaredy-cat of his group and is best friends with Tommy (another character from Rugrats). He’s scared from germs, cartoons or […]

Danny Phantom Costume

Looking for a Halloween costume idea? Why don’t you become a ghost hunter and bring down all who will be in ghost costumes this Halloween? Make a Danny Phantom costume and be like the 14-year old ghost buster. Who is Danny Phantom anyway? If you loved cartoons when you were younger than you must have […]

Jane Lane Costume

Many like to dress up in their favorite character from movies, comics, or video game for Halloween, parties, or cosplays. The cosplays (costume plays) have gained popularity as it gives all fans an opportunity to act like their favorite heroes. One of the favorite characters that teenage girls and women like to portray is Jane […]

Angelica Rugrats Costume

Angelica is a character from Rugrats, an American animated television series from the nineties that ran for nine seasons. The show, which proved to be popular among kids, told the story of the daily life activities of a group of toddlers that would usually involve practical life experiences that end up being adventurous from a […]

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