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Rick Sanchez Costume

I’ve been seeing more and more people talking about Rick and Morty recently; the animated television series on Cartoon Network that follows the adventures of Rick Sanchez, a mad scientist who brings his grandson Morty along with him on his inter-dimensional space journeys. As you can tell the show is a loose parody of the Back to the […]

DIY Betty Boop Costume

Betty Boop is one of the most iconic cartoon characters of all time; first appearing in the Talkartoor and her own Betty Boop movie series back in 1930. Since then she has been featured in numerous other television shows, movies and print media. You may also remember her from her cameo in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. She is often considered one of […]

Sapphire Steven Universe Cosplay

Well I thought that was the last of the Steven Universe tutorials for this week but no, there are so many more awesome characters to cover. Today we’ll show you how to put together a Sapphire Steven Universe cosplay from scratch. Sapphire is a character from Steven Universe introduced to viewers in the episode ‘Jail Break’ […]

Vidalia Steven Universe Costume

We took a short break from SU themed tutorials but today we’re back at it again with a Vidalia Steven Universe costume guide for fans of the series. Vidalia is only a minor character from Steven Universe who first appeared in a flashback in the episode ‘Story for Steven’, then reappeared in the ‘Onion Friend’ episode […]

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