Agnes Despicable Me Costume

Despicable Me is a animated movie series by Illumination Entertainment, that has now had four separate instalments including the Minions spin off. It follows the adventures of super villain Gru who later reforms his ways as the adoptive father of Agnes, Edith and Margo. He also takes a couple of yellow minions under his wing, creatures who take great pleasure in serving the most evil villains in the world.

Agnes is one of Gru’s adoptive daughters alongside Margo and Edith. Agnes has long black hair that goes up in a ponytail, and is usually seen wearing denim overalls and a yellow and brown striped shirt. She is known for loving unicorns.

In today’s post we’ll be outlining how to make an Agnes Despicable Me costume for cosplay, fancy dress and Halloween. Also perfect for kids just playing dress up around the house. I predict this costume will once again be popular for little girls following the release of the third movie earlier this year. So without further ado let’s get into the main guide.

Child’s Agnes Despicable Me Costume

Despicable Me 2 Agnes Deluxe Costume, SmallDespicable Me 2 Agnes Deluxe Costume, SmallDespicable Me Deluxe Childs Costume, Agnes Costume-ToddlerDespicable Me Deluxe Childs Costume, Agnes Costume-Toddler

There are a few different costume sets available for this character that would be perfect for your child. Both sets include the jumpsuit that includes overalls and shirt and wig. Don’t forget to add a pair of shoes and yellow socks then your child is ready to go!

Agnes Despicable Me Outfit

Deluxe Agnes Child CostumeDeluxe Agnes Child Costume

If the two options from Amazon are not available when you go to buy here’s a handy alternative from Amazon, I know that during the Halloween shopping season outfits go in and out of stock very quickly so it’s important to always have a backup. This set includes everything you’ll need: jumpsuit and headpiece. Just add some footwear and yellow socks if you have them.

DIY Agnes Despicable Me Outfit

For anyone who wants to go the do it yourself route this is a very easy costume to deconstruct. You’ll need:

  • Blue denim overalls (for kids or adults depending on what age the person is)
  • Yellow striped shirt (try to get a brown and yellow shirt if you can)
  • Black wig
  • Yellow socks

Put all the individual elements together and if you don’t have a wig style your natural hair. Chances are you won’t get it as gravity defying as Agnes’s is but just try your best and use as much hair spray as you need.

That is everything you or your child will need to transform into this character for Halloween and fancy dress parties, even just play around the home. Don’t forget to check out our other articles for more ideas and follow us on social media for updates whenever we post new content.

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