Alex Vause Costume

alex vause costumeOrange is the New Black was a breakout hit for Netflix, giving it household name status and propelling the characters to mainstream consciousness. Each season has only helped to build upon the popularity of the last with the third season recently released for fans to ‘binge watch’.

We see Piper get busted for drug smuggling so its only fair that the ex-girlfriend who coerced her into it got her just desserts too. Alex Vause is said ex-girlfriend who joins Piper in the lockup.

With the soaring popularity of Orange is the New Black Alex Vause costume is going to be hot this year, today we’ll be looking at how to create her outfit from scratch for Halloween and fancy dress.

Alex Vause Wig

MelodySusie® High Quality New Women’s Dark Brown Long Full CurlyWomen’s Prisoner Costume For Women Orange Is the New Black

It’s always easy to start from the top and work our way down so we begin with Alex Vause’s wig. Alex Vause has medium length brown hair that goes just past her shoulders. If you’re hair is suitable then you’re set to go otherwise wear a wig or style your natural hair appropriately (perhaps a trim is in order if you’re feeling brave).

Pair her wig with her uniform, not an official costume but it has all the items you’ll need to look the part including: prison scrub set in tan, drawstring pants, free prison name tag where you can print your name or Vause’s. Add a pair of glasses, white shirt underneath your scrubs and a pair of black boots to complete her look.

Alex Vause Outfit

NATURAL UNIFORMS Women’s Scrub Set Medical Scrub Top and Pants XL KhakiBlack Rectangle Plastic Full Rim Clear Lens Glasses Spectacles

Every inmate needs a uniform to keep everyone organised and recorded, while Piper’s has typical prison attire (orange) Alex Vause’s character dons a tan colored scrub set. She possesses more style than Piper, keeping her sleeves rolled up with a white shirt underneath.Choose whether you want to add this or not but I won’t list it here.

Another crucial element to her overall look is her black full rim spectacles, another optional accessory as Alex is sometimes seen without them.

Alex Vause Tattoos

Supperb® Temporary Tattoos – Red RosesKing Horse Waterproof and sweat of the four imaging vine pattern tattoo sticker for men and women

Let’s move onto tattoos now and Alex boasts a few. Starting with a large red rose adorning her upper arm. Be very careful when selecting a temporary tattoo to put in this place, size is going to be your number one issue so make sure it’s big enough (check the descriptions closely before you order).

Another tattoo she wears with pride is a green vine like pattern across her right wrist. Check out the tribal vine temporary tattoo patterns above for a similar design.

Orange is the New Black Name Tag

Prison Name Badge Prop For Prisoner Costumes Convict Costumes and Prison Scrubs

We’re almost at the proverbial finish line, as a prison inmate it’s essential Alex is recorded at all times. This comes in the form of a name tag, you’ll want a red tag such as the ones above where you can print your own name or Vause’s, whichever you prefer. With an inmate number above and barcode below.

Alex Vause Makeup

You can add light makeup if you want although it’s not necessary as Alex’s makeup is fairly subtle. If you only add one detail let it be her coral lipgloss otherwise here’s a quick tutorial to whip yourself into shape. This artist does a stunning job aswell as painting on Alex’s prison scrubs in a mesmerising fashion.

There you have it, fellow Orange is the New Black fans and even those who have yet to watch the series will be blown away if you can pull this off. There may not be an official costume available but it’s easy to see what you can pull together with a little imagination.

Got any questions, comment or suggestions? Pop them below as I love to hear from my community!

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