Amethyst Costume

Amethyst CostumeBack again with another Steven Universe cosplay tutorial and today we’ll be looking at how to create an Amethyst costume perfect for conventions, fancy dress and Halloween. We’ll be dissecting her whole look including wig, clothing, gem and footwear, literally everything you’ll need to transform into this character in a jiffy!

Amethyst is the main protagonist from Rebecca Sugar’s animated show on Cartoon Network as one of the last surviving Gems she joins the Crystal Gems to defend Earth from evil extra-terrestrial threats.

Her prominent color is purple and silver and it’s noted she is slightly shorter than the other Crystal Gems (great cosplay choice for shorter people as part of a group).There’s a lot to put together considering her attire which consists of tank top, leggings with star shapes printed on the knees, white knee high boots with a large purple gem positioned on her chest.

Amethyst Steven Universe Wig

COSPLAZA Cosplay Wigs 70cm light Purple Long Wavy Curly Japanese Harajuku lolita Anime Show Party Hair

The wig should be the first item on your cosplay shopping list, thankfully the internet has plenty of options available and you get to skip searching thrift stores or waiting in line, all you have to do is click and wait for all your items to be delivered.

Amethyst has long silvery lilac hair that goes below her shoulder, chances are you don’t have natural hair this long so a wig will come in handy, if you’re lucky enough to have hair that long consider temporary lilac purple dye. Otherwise check out the Japanese style lilac wig I’ve picked out above.

After you’ve decided on how to do her hairstyle you’ll need to begin working on how you’ll appear purple, you could use purple facepaint on your face and neck areas with clothing covering the rest or wear a purple zentai suit to cover your whole body. I recommend using sponge painting to get an consistent finish.

Amethyst Outfit

PurpleHanger Women’s Chunky Knitted Sweater Tops Jumper Purple 8-10Emmalise Women’s Full Ankle Length Seamless Leggings (Ankle Length, Black)

Next up let’s look at her outfit which consists of a greyish tank top/leotard and black leggings. Looking at how other cosplayers have done this outfit many have opted for a purple turtleneck instead of a leotard and overall it looks a lot better. Something that look pleasing to the eye in cartoon doesn’t necessarily transfer well to real life. I’ve added leggings in case you don’t already own a pair.

There are a few adjustments you’ll need to complete before you can wear the leggings though. Either use left over light purple fabric from a previous cosplay or appliqué fabric for quick iron-on application to create a star shape for either leg. Amethyst also has a small rip above the star on her right legging although you can leave this detail out.

Amethyst Costume Gem

60mm Purple Amethyst H105 Flat Back Round Acrylic Gems High Quality Pro Grade Individually Wrapped – 2 Pieces

Another small but crucial detail to this characters look is her crystal gem of course! Amethyst’s gem is placed at the centre of her chest, here’s a round purple acrylic gem you could use to replicate this, I always recommend using lash glue as it can easier peel off your skin easy after a long day of fancy dress but any other glue that’s safe to use on your skin would work too. Alternative wear an amethyst style necklace in the same place for a similar effect.


Women’s Mid Calf Slouch Faux Suede Comfortable Slip On Round Toe Flat Heel Knee High Boots Fashion Shoes, White PU, 5.5

Finish off with footwear, you’ll need a pair of knee high length white boots that can be folded down over themselves. If you own a pair of white boots you’re half way there, all you need to add is a pair of boot covers to complete it. Check thrift stores or auction sites like Ebay to find affordable white boots that won’t blow your budget.

There you have it a completed Amethyst outfit for whatever event you wish to attend. Also check out the rest of our Steven Universe themed guides. As I mentioned this is an ideal theme for groups, friends and couples.

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