Amy Farrah Fowler Costume

Amy Farrah Fowler Costume

Today I wan to bring you this Amy Farrah Fowler costume tutorial as I am a massive Big Bang Theory fan. To be honest I really do not like sitcom or similar sorts of shows but I really do love the geeky and funny element of this show and it all seems to be nicely balanced not too cheesy and over the top not to mention how great the actors and actresses portray their roles.

The series is incredibly accessible to a wide audience hence why viewing figures have gone all the way up to twenty million on occasion but I love how there are so many nerdy references thrown in there that only a true geek would catch onto.

Who would have thought learning science in school could actually come in useful for understanding jokes in a television show.

The picture above of her depicts pretty well the sorts of clothes she wears and you can easily use that as a reference guide when piecing together your outfit.

Just like Sheldon Amy embraces layer and you can see she wears shirts and a tee underneath that as well as a cardigan. You do not need to be so layered as you may find yourself getting a little hot at a costume party.

Colorful Turtleneck and Cardigan

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All you really need is a colorful turtleneck as all of her clothes have a pop of bright color, a floral shirt of some description and a colorful cardigan to top it all off. In this case the colors really do not matter although again it would be a good idea to model your colors off of a reference image.

Geeky Tan Skirt

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After that she can be seen wearing a tan skirt that at times makes her walk quite gingerly, the likelihood is you’ll have something like this in your wardrobe or can obtain something similar from a thrift store.

The nerd elements to this are the footwear which is brown (massive fashion faux pas but Amy doesn’t care) and tights, the ultimate nerd item is the geeky glasses which you cannot go without. Big thick rimmed ones should do the trick.

Amy Farrah Fowler Hairstyle

Keeping your hair long or wearing a straight brown wig will go a long way in making this costume more recognizable so that people know exactly who you are, try to differentiate yourself from just a generic nerd girl. The best thing about this is that all of the items are probably in your wardrobe at home.

Who is Mrs Farrah Fowler?

pinAmy Farrah Fowler was introduced to us when we found out that she had been matched to Sheldon on a dating website and while Sheldon himself may not have set up the profile (Raj and Howard did that answering the profile questions as if they were him) Amy is like a girl version of him.

To start out with she is very much like Sheldon in that she doesn’t like to be hugged or touched and doesn’t express much emotion however in later series her and Sheldon’s relationship progresses and she becomes closer friends with Penny and Bernadette and the trio become almost like a group spending a lot of time together and away from the guys.

I really like that she wasn’t just used as a female version of Sheldon, that would be a disservice to the actress, she’s like him but she is also her own person and character.

I hope this article has helped you create the perfect outfit for Halloween night or geeky cosplay either way I would love for you to pop a comment in the box below if you have any suggestions or costume requests!

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