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anna frozen costume

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Ironically Frozen costumes will be hot this Halloween and you will need to make sure you get yours in advance if you don’t want to be left out in the cold (sorry it had to be done) nevertheless even if there are no Anna outfits available by the time you come to purchase you can also make your own like a wardrobe cosplay (only using items of clothing you already own) or putting together some items from the thrift store. Either way you do it you do not want to ruin a child’s dreams of dressing up as their favorite character for Halloween or costume parties.

Anna is one of the sisters that features in the hit musical movie and the thing people really like about them is their sisterly relationship and that it is more important than a romantic relationship. People also love Anna because she’s a little different just like we all are in her own way, she is a little awkward and eccentric, this is quite unlike her sister but their opposite qualities only help them to balance each other out.

Anna sets out on a journey to find her sister despite what everyone else thinks of Elsa and stop the never ending winter that the kingdom is trapped in.

Generally there are two types of outfit most people will want to recreate, the green coronation gown being one and the pink and blue dress she wears. How the other elements fall into place will depend on which one you choose. First of all here are the two bestselling of both of these, for the blue and pink dress check above.

The sort of costumes you will find for this character will vary greatly from highly detailed to items being digitally printed onto the costume material rather than being physically there (if you know what I mean), this is why it is important to carefully read the consumer reviews and make sure that nice embroidering you see is actually embroidering with a pleasant texture rather than digital print.

Anna Frozen Homemade Outfit

For those of you going the homemade route because you are cosplaying for an event or another reason then the first thing you will need is a dress you can modify or you could use a skirt and jumper separately and combine the two.

For the dress bodice you could use a thin long sleeved white jumper and then you can sew on some dark purple material over it and sew the appropriate patterns on top in green and purple, I am sure with a quick search online you can find some great resources for Frozen patterns considering how popular this is as a cosplay.

Then get a blue skirt that you already own that you do not mind altering or something suitable for the thrift store, besides a skirt you already own you can use felt or satin material to create the bottom part. On top of the felt or dress that you have chosen you would then need to sew on the flower patterns.

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Anna’s Black and Gold Boots

Once you have decided on a dress for you and bought/made it you still have a few more things to put together namely makeup, hair and shoes.

Shoes are pretty easy and there is quite few options available for Anna, in the movie you can see that you doesn’t wear a standard open shoe princess shoes (Cinderella style) but footwear appropriate for the cold environment she lives in which is of course boots. These boots are black and has a lovely swirly golden pattern going down them.

Again for people going the homemade route you will need a plain black pair of boots, preferably rain boots as you can more easily apply the golden swirls. Sadly most rain boots do not come with a nice pattern already on them so you should then proceed to use a stencil and apply glue to the boot to create the pattern and sprinkle golden glitter onto this. If you do not desire the glittery effect then using a gold paint pen would also work well.

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Hair and Makeup

Anna’s hair is a little different to her sisters, OK it’s a lot different but that’s good because they contrast each other well.

Anna’s locks are brown and go in two separate braided pigtails either side of her shoulders (reminds me a little of Matilda).

The alternate style is something you can see quite well if you take a look at the coronation costume pictures, you can see a long plait going across the hair like a band to keep it together and a bun at the top and then a green bow in it to keep it looking organized.

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If you do not know what you are doing makeup wise do not worry this video should help you out tremendously, you can see shades of blue and purple in there so get those sorts of colors to stay true to how the character was designed.

So there you have it, I hope I have all bases covered whether you want to D-I-Y or buy and be on your way but if I have missed anything out (I’ve tried not to) then please comment in the box below and I’ll be sure to make amendments and reply to you as soon as I can. Sisters or mothers and daughers can pair up with this Elsa outfit tutorial. Happy trick or treating!

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