Ariana Grande Costume

Ariana Grande has gone from strength to strength over the eight years beginning her career starring as a Nickelodeon child actress in Victorious as Cat Valentine from 2009, and when the show ended after four successful seasons she was given her own spin off show (Sam & Cat) with iCarly’s Jennette McCurdy

In 2013 she began pursuing her real passion which was music by releasing her first album. But it was her second album released back in 2014 that bought her to household name status and worldwide fame.

If you or your child is an Ariana Grande fan then this is the post for you. We’ll be laying out everything you’ll need for an Ariana Grande costume based on her music videos and tour outfits including: wig, rabbit outfit, black and white outfit and makeup. So without further ado let’s get into the juicy details.

Ariana Grande Wig

Big Wavy Claw Curly Ponytail Clip in Hair ExtensionsBig Wavy Claw Curly Ponytail Clip in Hair Extensions

Ariana Grande has long wavy brown hair, if your natural hair already fits the bill feel free to move onto the next section. Here is a clip in extension that will work well for this costume. You could also curl your natural brown hair to get it looking closer to Ariana’s if you like.

Ariana Grande Rabbit Mask

Masquerade Rabbit MaskMasquerade Rabbit Mask

There are two different outfits that we’re going to highlight in this post. The first being Ariana’s most well known outfit, the black rabbit from her Dangerous Woman album cover and music video of the same name. The first item you’ll need is a black masquerade rabbit mask.

Women's Sexy Black & Red Halter PVC Mini Dress Side Zip Backless ClubwearWomen’s Sexy Black & Red Halter PVC Mini Dress Side Zip Backless ClubwearBlack Liquid Metallic High Waist Stretch LeggingsBlack Liquid Metallic High Waist Stretch LeggingsBlack Wet Look Satin Long GlovesBlack Wet Look Satin Long Gloves

To complete the outfit add a black PVC dress such as the one above, black wet look leggings, and black satin gloves. Finish it with a pair of black flats or high heels if you prefer.

Ariana Grande Costume

California Costumes 60's Mod Chic Tween CostumeCalifornia Costumes 60’s Mod Chic Tween CostumeDreamgirl Women's Yeah Baby! 60's Mod OutfitDreamgirl Women’s Yeah Baby! 60’s Mod Outfit

The next Ariana grande outfit we’re going to cover is her black and white squares dress that is a throw back to the 60’s. Here are two options for teenagers as well as adults so fans of all ages can dress as their favorite pop star.

White Go Go BootsWhite Go Go Boots

Finish the outfit with a pair of white go go boots. You can pick this up from the link above, and get it delivered to your door. Or check out your local thrift store.

Ariana Grande Makeup Tutorial

Makeup is optional but will really help bring the look together, especially as Ariana has a rather distinctive angelic face. Here is a quick video tutorial that will walk you through everything. Consider wearing brown contact lenses if your natural eyes aren’t brown so you don’t throw the look off.

  •  Start by moisturizing your face, prime and then apply your favorite foundation with a beauty blender. Then conceal under your eyes, forehead, bridge of your nose, chin, and cupids bow then set with powder. Next you want to lightly contour your cheeks, hairline, jawline, and nose then highlight those same areas for contrast. Add a little blush to your cheeks.
  • After that fill in your brows. Now prime your eyelids as a base for your eye shadows, take a white and light brown shadow and apply those to your brow bone, then take an earthy reddish brown color to your eyelids. Take a darker brick red color into the crease of the eyelid and blend out.
  • Next take a brow pencil and tight light the eyes, then go in with eye liner to create a cat eye look. Apply your favorite mascara after curling your lashes. Then add cut fake eyelashes foe extra length. Finish by creating the perfect lip shade by mixing a pink lip pencil with nude lipstick until you’re happy with the result.

There is everything you’ll need to transform into your favorite pop star for fancy dress and Halloween. Don’t forget to check out our other tutorials on the blog and follow us on social media to get updates as we publish new posts.

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