Ash Ketchum Costume

ash ketchum costumeSeeing as I have Pokemon on my mind and I already create a tutorial for Misty’s costume yesterday I might as well as an Ash costume tutorial to the site with him being the main character. I know that this is a highly popular cosplay by searching images online and I can see that it is also very easy to pull off.

His main Pokemon is Pikachu and was the first one he received from Professor Oak, although Pikachu was the last remaining Pokemon so Ash had to reluctantly accept him later on the pair form an unbreakable bond and friendship that helps them get through many a tough time.

After being given Pikachu Ash had a hard time learning how to battle and his rival Gary Oak would always remind him how unskilled and behind he was. However while he wasn’t exactly naturally talented he did have a good drive and ambitions which with hard work he achieved.

Ash Ketchum Cap

Swagge Brand Embroidered Trainer Hat - One Size - Red - WhiteSwagge Brand Embroidered Trainer Hat – One Size – Red – White

For those going the DIY route to create the cap you’ll need a red and white mesh baseball cap, you can search thrift stores or for people in the UK charity stores. Once you find a cap you need to create the green symbol.

You’ll need a template of some kind unless you are good freehand, you can find a clear image online to use by searching Google.Then use felt, thread or another material of your choice to create the ‘L’. The L is quite odd looking and stands for League Expo, he obtained it by entering a competition.

Under the cap is the hair that you have to consider. In this case Ash’s hair is short, black and quite spiky. Luckily most manga/anime style wigs are like this i.e out of control, spiky and messy.

Ash Ketchum Cosplay

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Next we are onto clothing and the first item you will need is a blue sleeveless jacket, if possible with a white collar. If you find a suitable jacket to use but without the white collar you can also wear a shirt underneath to emulate this.

Underneath your jacket you should wear any dark colour t shirt (something you already own). Now a pair of blue trousers/pant or a pair of blue denim jeans, roll these up at the bottom. Almost done now we need a pair of green fingerless gloves.

You might be considering footwear, if you want to replicate the anime as close as possible then you will need a standard pair of white trainers with black sides and black laces.

Looking at all of the items above we can see they can all be found at a thrift store, that is why I like anime cosplays. Even the Misty oufit can be constructed in the same way using the same principle.

The only thing missing is Pikachu, you cannot possible be this character without his sidekick alongside him. The fun thing is that even couples and families can get in on the fun. Families can go as Misty and Ash as the Mom and Dad and the Children can be different Pokemons. Couples can go as Ash and Misty with Pikachu as the pet.

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