Atreyu costume (NeverEnding Story)

atreyu costume

The Never-ending story was one of those movies that I was utterly transfixed with as a child, the storyline was amazing and the characters and effects were mind-blowing at the time, watching it now can seamlessly take me back to that time as a child and give me a warm gooey feeling on the inside.

The premise is of a boy who is getting bullied escaping into this fantasy world in a meta-fictional book, his actions affect the outcome of the story and everything he reads he also experiences as if it was happening to him.

The fantasy world of Fantasia is under threat from the Nothing (that darkness that comes over everything) and the Childlike Empress is ill, the only person who can help is a young boy warrior called Atreyu. He is given a necklace called the AURYN, which will make him the Childlike Empress’ herald and guide him on his journey to defeat the Nothing.

I am going to be focusing this article on an Atreyu costume, coming from a fantasy world you can imagine the outfit he wears is especially unique and different from what we wear in this world. His outfit resembles something from the Stone Age with furs used for clothing.

Atreyu Neverending Story Costume

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So the first part is the furs that I talked about, these can be created out of spare material you have laying around which you can make a fur that has a V shape going from shoulder to the belly button and back to the shoulder again.

You can find caveman outfits that will be perfect for this and they also have the prehistoric look you will want. He wears want look like leather pants, although I am sure regular brown pants will work well too.

Auryn Neverending Story Necklace

Neverending Story Auryn PendantNeverending Story Auryn Pendant

The next piece to this outfit is the AURYN amulet that he wears to protect and guide him; this amulet is made up of two serpents intertwined with the head of each meeting at the tail of the other. There are a few official replicas of this, just make sure what you are getting best matches the one in the movie.

Finally is his hair which is simply short, brown and curly. If your hair isn’t naturally like this a wig is the best alternative.

Falcor and Artax Couples Costumes

Don’t forget there is also his trusty horse Artax who sadly gets pulled in by the swamp on their journey, if you want to dress up as a couple one person can be Atreyu and one can be the horse. If you have a real life horse even better!

Even more popular as a couples costume is Falcor, I am sure any fan of the movies or books will know who this is! Falcor is a dragon like creature only he is not scary or intimidating in the slightly actually he is quite fluffy and helps Atreyu fly to where he needs to go.

Creating a Falcor costume would be extremely difficult if you try to recreate it to the t I have seen some people who go all out and create ride-able machines for this (by use of a bike and some serious sewing skills), but for the regular Joe not interested in cosplay all you would really need is a white dress, a pair of white shoes and a pair of fake fluffy white ears, as he is pretty much a really large dog.

Thank you for reading my article; it was a pleasure to write. I try my best to be as thorough as possible but if you see anything I need to add please pop a comment in the box below.

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