Bellatrix Lestrange Costume

bellatrix lestrange costume

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Harry Potter is by far my favorite series, nothing has come close. The movies have a way of sucking you into another world and taking your breath away but the books are even better in my opinion and a lot of characters aren’t as prominent in the movies as in the books.

Bellatrix is an amazing villain, as much as Voldemort gets more airtime for such a major role the character can be rather underwhelming and less than scary at times. Bellatrix on the other hands has a totally different effect.

Maybe it’s her dark appearance, messy hair and sadistic demeanour but as viewer she certainly puts us on edge. She takes on the role of Death Eater extremely well holding her own as one of the only females of the group, we remember her most for killing Sirius Black in the Order of the Phoenix. 

Bellatrix Lestrange Hair

bellatrix wigA key element to Bellatrix’s look is her unruly jet black hair, it appear her hair hasn’t seen a comb in years. Either use your own hair, don’t comb for at least twenty four hours to achieve the same look.

Part most of your natural hair to the right side, then tease it and make your hair ruffled aswell as brushing out to make it as big as possible.

Remember she has a unique grey streak through the centre which is a great way of differentiating her from the rest of the Death Eater costumes out there.Get a similar effect with gray hair spray full blown dye isn’t needed or comb through a tiny amount of white powder makeup.

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Bellatrix Lestrange Costume Dress

female death eater costumeYou didn’t think we’d discussed this character’s look without touching on the most important part, the outfit itself. Conveniently there is a perfect female Death Eater outfit available that has all of the items you’ll need including black dress, mask and cummerbund.

A generic attire just won’t cut it, throw in elements of steampunk and Goth to really complete it. Bellatrix was a fan of long Victorian style boots, fingerless laced up gloves and to add to her cummerbund a black corset.

Another accessory worth considering is her dagger, this was a crucial but sad part of the seventh movie where Dobby escaped with Harry and the rest of the crew from Malfoy’s mansion only to be stabbed with her dagger straight after.

Click Here for Death Eater Outfit

Bellatrix Wand

bellatrix lestrange wandAs menacing as Bellatrix appears without her magic there’s little harm she could do at least in the wizard world so a wand is essential.

As with most witches and wizards her first wand was created by master wand maker Ollivander. Even he described the wand as “unyielding”, which is as accurate foreshadowing as there could be.

It’s twelve and three quarter inches long made of walnut with a dragon’s heartstring core. One unique feature to the design is a slight bend that does a great job of representing such a twisted wicked character.

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Death Eater Tattoo

death eater tattooDeath Eaters need something to identify themselves to Lord Voldemort, what better way than a tattoo that shows the world exactly who they are (very cult-like indeed). Not only does it look great but He Who Must Not Be Named can also summon and communicate them through the tattoo.

No need for a permanent change or scary needles to replicate the mark with these temporary tattoos. Don’t worry it won’t bind you to Voldemort in anyway although it does a convincing job depicting a twisting snake with a skull-like head.

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  • Here’s a quick tutorial in under four minutes to use as a guide. First start with your favorite liquid foundation as a base, from the back of your hand apply that with a makeup brush. Take your powder foundation to set it.
  • Contour using brown powder, straight onto the sides of your nose, then sweep underneath your lower eyes aswell. Define Bellatrix’s hollow cheekbones using the same color powder.
  • With contouring done move onto brown eyeshadow onto both eyelids, take the same eyeshadow now on your lower lash-line. With black eyeliner this time go over your upper lash-line. Accentuate both lashes further with an application of regular mascara.
  • For the lips use a reddish brown lip gloss.
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