Beret Girl Goofy Movie Costume

beret girl costume Beret Girl is a character from An Extremely Goofy Movie who plays the part of P.J’s love interest. As a supporting character the audience isn’t given a lot of information about her.

She is known for performing at the Bean Scene which is where the viewers are first introduced to her, singing her poetry to the audience there. It is when P.J and Bobby first see her perform that they develop a crush on her.

In today’s post we’ll be showing you how to make a Beret Girl Goofy Movie Costume that will blow everyone away including everything you need from beret, outfit and makeup tutorial.

What makes this character the perfect choice for cosplay is she’s well known enough that people will recognize who you’re cosplaying as but obscure enough that you won’t have a dozen other people dressed as her at the event you’re attending.


Kangaroo Wool Black Beret Hat - French BeretKangaroo Wool Black Beret Hat – French Beret

The first and most important item you’ll need is a beret as your outfit wouldn’t be complete without it , she is the Beret Girl after all. You can pick this up from the link above at Amazon, or check out what your local thrift store has in stock if you prefer to shop offline. This item alone will transport you back to 90’s France.

Beret Girl Wig

Wine Red WigWine Red Wig

Beret Girl has dark/wine red hair, so you’ll either need a wig or to dye your hair. I have also seen other cosplayers with ginger hair, it’s all a case of using what you have at your disposal. I’ve picked out the perfect wine red wig for this character above.

Beret Girl Costume

Sofishie Long Sleeve Shirt With Turtle-Neck - Large - BlackSofishie Long Sleeve Shirt With Turtle-Neck – Large – BlackPremium Ultra Soft Leggings High Waist - Regular and Plus Size - 12 Colors (Small/Medium (0 - 12), Black)Premium Ultra Soft Leggings High Waist – Regular and Plus Size – 12 Colors (Small/Medium (0 – 12), Black)

Onto the outfit itself now an you’ll need a black turtleneck or long sleeved shirt and a pair of black leggings or pants. As I said above it’s all about using what you already have as best you can and purchasing the rest of the items. Pick up both items from the link above or check local stores where you can purchase these for a few dollars a piece.

Beret Girl Makeup

Makeup is another crucial element to this look so you can recreate Beret Girl’s classic 90’s look. Start by washing and moisturizing your face for a glowing appearance. Apply your regular foundation and concealer under the eyes. Go in with purple eye shadow on the eye lids, draw a cat nose with black eyeliner on your nose in a triangle shape and finish with red lipstick.

That is everything you’ll need to transform into the Beret Girl or Miss Mochachino as she is also referred to. While this may not be a hot or popular costume at the minute it certainly has a wow appeal and fans of the Goofy Movie will recognize who you are instantly. Before you leave check out our other tutorial and don’t forget to follow us on social media.

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