Billy and Mandy Costumes

Billy and Mandy CostumesWatching new episodes of the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy as a child are some of my fondest memories as a child. Two children guided by a grim reaper who would go on the most wild adventures.

While the show may have run from 2001-2008 and now ended but many fans will remember this show fondly too and as Halloween is approaching this article will focus on how you can recreate Bill and Mandy costumes from scratch.

Below we’ll be looking at how to make Billy and Mandy Costumes for cosplay and Halloween. This is the perfect choice for couples too, or even groups. Something people can recognize but isn’t oversaturated with other cosplayers dressing the same.

Mandy Grim Adventures Costume

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First let’s tackle Mandy’s costume, the level headed cynic of the group so keeps Billy and even reaper in line at times. There are several elements here starting from the top you’ll need a short blond wig if your hair isn’t naturally blond. Accessorize this with a black headband and that’s the hair done.

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Moving onto clothing now the first item is a sleeveless pink dress. Mandy’s dress has a flower pattern stitched onto it which you’ll need to either do yourself or get someone else to do for you but the patch you’ll need to showcased above along with the dress. If buying online isn’t your thing don’t forget to check out local thrift stores to find these items at an affordable price.

Finish with a pair of plain black dolly shoes and you’re ready to go!

Billy Grim Adventures Costume

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Finally onto Billy’s costume now, the immature one of the group who is always doing silly and inappropriate things. Unlike Mandy’s outfit above there is no additional stitching or altering required on your end, you could easily put this outfit together with items from your existing closet and red face paint for the nose.

Billy is always seen wearing a red baseball cap, if you own one already move onto the next section if not you can shop online checking out the cap we’ve selected or check your local thrift stores. Now to recreate his large red clown like nose, as mentioned before you can use red body paint or purchase a clown nose like the one above for a three dimensional look.

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Onto the clothing now, first begin with a blue and white striped polo shirt which you can purchase online as shown above or offline if that’s what you prefer. A pair of blue pants, perhaps you already have a pair laying in your closet. Finally a pair of red Converse shoes or similar.

There you have it, how to create both Mandy and Billy’s costumes for this years celebration. This is the PERFECT couples costume but also ideals for groups of three where the final person dresses like the grim reaper and friends. Before you leave don’t forget to join our social media channels for updates on new tutorial each week.

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