Bob Ross Costume

bob ross costume

photo credit: Flickr

Bob Ross is everyone’s favourite television painter and today I want to bring you a tutorial for his costume, when I first came across his videos on Youtube I didn’t really know what I was watching I’d never heard of him before so I just thought it was a parody show. He is best known for his soft spoken voice, and catchphrases ‘happy little trees’ being the main one.

Turned out Bob is pretty popular worldwide, and as I watched more and more of his shows they made me want to pick up a paintbrush and that’s coming from someone who’s not in the least bit artistically talented.

His outfit is fairly simple to recreate and the only thing you really need is the afro (if you don’t already have one) and the paint supplies.

“We don’t make mistakes just happy little accidents”

Bob Ross Costume Afro

The first item on the list is that infamous puffy afro, Bob’s fro is a shade of brown.

Either find one at your local costume store or check online, (pictured) here is a suitable fro I have picked out for you that will work well with the mustache and beard set below. This one is perfectly groomed as Bob’s is most of the time but you need to shake it out to begin with to give it its volume.

Mustache and Beard

Along with the infamous afro you’ll need a mustache and beard set. Don’t be put off by the excessive facial hair this look is great for men aswell as women although you’ll get a few funny stares.

The one pictured is in sizes for both adults and children so even young children who may not be introduced to the magic of painting just yet can still dress up as this television icon.

His most common outfit is pretty simple to find the elements for and put together. A simple blue shirt like something you may have in your closet and a pair of blue denim jeans held up with a belt.

Another indispensable item you’ll need is the paint palette, did you know as a carpenter Bob loss his left index finger? You probably didn’t notice because it doesn’t affect the way he paints and he never mentions it. Hold the palette in your left hand with a brush poised to paint your next masterpiece, add splodges of different colour acrylic paint to the palette for show.

He liked to include nature and several wild animals in his painting and alongside him while he was painting, most notably the friendly squirrel. You could position a squirrel plush on your shoulder to show your love for nature too.

To give people a better idea of who you’re portraying why not throw a few of his iconic catchphrases into your cosplay although they’ll probably have a good idea by the fro and painting supplies. These can include: that’ll be our little secret, happy little clouds or we only make happy little mistakes.


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