Bojack Horseman Costume

bojack horseman costume

photo credit: Flickr

If you enjoy kicking back with a bowl of popcorn on the couch on a weekend absorbed in Netflix or if you’ve been to any cosplay conventions lately then you may have come across the series Bojack Horseman featuring anthropomorphic animals, the main one being a horse.

Since appearing in the sitcom ‘Horsin Around’ in the 90’s Bojack’s been trying to gain fame again by selling his memoir in the meanwhile not doing much with life.

While the show is only in it’s first season with a second in the works it’s gained a strong following already even if the critics are not so sure. I’d take that as a plus as it means the character is popular enough that people will know who you’ve dressed as but not too popular that you won’t be unique. 

Bojack Horseman Mask

The horse mask itself is pretty straight forward, you can use anyone you find that fits your head technically. There are several different masks on sale however there isn’t one that has the exact same pattern (white triangle between the eyes and a white streak going down the snout).

Knowing that an exact replica isn’t available you may aswell get the best non-exact mask you can find and make sure it is comfortable.

Here is one I have picked out (pictured) because it is highly rated and has favourable review compared to some others that don’t look as good.

Click Here for Pictured Mask

Blazer, Crew Neck & Pants

Aside from the horse head all of the other items can be found at the thrift store for a few dollars and some you may already own. All of the clothing items are pretty basic so it’s easier to replicate the outfit exactly rather than cutting corners because it’s too complex.

Bojack wears quite a few different outfits, the first one starts with a blue crew neck sweater, then keeping with the blue theme turquoise pants. Then over the jumper a grey blazer and finally for the footwear a pair of white and red Converse trainers.

For your convenience for those that don’t have thrift stores nearby or don’t want to go looking for an item only to be disappointed and not find it (you may have to go back a few times as inventory is always changing) I’ve chosen a blazer you can use above.

Click Here for Pictured Blazer

When he is lounging around these clothes are thrown out the window instead it is time for comfortable robes and underwear. If you are confident enough to go dress like this in public or if you actually want to lounge around, this is what you’ll need:

A white bath robes to keep your comfy along with underwear that has an apple pattern printed on it. Keep your chest hair showing and for good measure keep a cold beer on hand.

Now you’ve finishing building the outfit you can go have fun on Halloween or at a cosplay convention, tag team with a friend as Todd (his free loader room mate), or as a couple with Princess Carolyn.

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