Boo Monsters Inc. Costume

boo monsters inc costume Monsters Inc. made by Disney’s Pixar motion pictures has become a huge family hit. It is a 2001 family comedy hit around the world. This film is centred on two of the main monsters in this movie, Sulley and his one eyed best friend Mike Wazowski.

They are the employees of Monsters Inc. and generate power for their city by scaring little children. Monstropolis is a city run by monsters and runs it power off the screams of little children who are scared by the employees also known as scarers.

The scarers use closet doors as portals into the human world. However, the monsters have to be careful because they believe any contact with the human child is dangerous and could be fatal to themselves.

In today’s post we’ll be focusing on the character of Boo, a small child let into the monster world by accident. A Boo costume from Monsters Inc. is a perfect costume for your little girl toddler. It is guaranteed to catch many eyes and compliments. So let’s get into the guide.

Boo Monsters Inc Costume

Boo Deluxe Toddler Costume, Purple, Large (4-6)Boo Deluxe Toddler Costume, Purple, Large (4-6)Monsters Inc Boo Deluxe Costume for ToddlersMonsters Inc Boo Deluxe Costume for Toddlers

For the longest time there was no costume available for Boo but upon updating the articles for Halloween 2017 I found a new set available. It includes everything your child will need: shirt with attached mitts, tunic and hood.

Boo Monsters Inc Outfit for Toddlers

Joe's USA(tm) Toddler Tees Soft and Cozy Cotton T-Shirt Size-2T,Candy PinkJoe’s USA(tm) Toddler Tees Soft and Cozy Cotton T-Shirt Size-2T,Candy PinkCity Threads Girls' Leggings 100% Cotton for School or Play Perfect for Sensitive Skin or SPD Sensory Friendly Clothing, Purple, 10City Threads Girls’ Leggings 100% Cotton for School or Play Perfect for Sensitive Skin or SPD Sensory Friendly Clothing, Purple, 10

The first outfit we see Boo in is her bedtime clothes which consist of a pink dress shirt and purple leggings. Just add the items you don’t have from the links above. Then add a pair of pink bobbles in your child’s hair and a pair of white shoes to finish it off. Add a plush of Sully so people can easily recognize who your child is dressed as, as the outfit is hard to recognize on its own.

Boo Monsters Inc Outfit for Women

Hanes Women's Nano T-Shirt, Large, Pale PinkHanes Women’s Nano T-Shirt, Large, Pale PinkLush Moda Seamless Capri Length Basic Cropped Leggings - Variety of Colors - Purple OSLush Moda Seamless Capri Length Basic Cropped Leggings – Variety of Colors – Purple OS

If you’ve come for yourself there are also ways adults can wear this character’s outfit. Start with a pink shirt, purple leggings then add pink bobbles to your hair or pink scrunchies if you don’t want to look like an infant, finish off with a pair of white shoes. You could find all these items in your local thrift store for a few dollars each.

DIY Boo Monsters Inc Costume

In order to make a Boo, costume you will need the following materials:

  • The measurements of the child
  • Batting (refer to your measurements for an estimated amount)
  • Purple fabric about three yards) you will use this for the body and the head-piece
  • Pack of six Styrofoam balls (you will only need two of them)
  • Pipe cleaners
  • A white outfit to go underneath
  • Velcro
  • Safety pins
  • Needle and thread or sewing machine
  • Mop head

The first thing you will want to do is take the measurements of the little one who is going to dress up . Then cut enough of the purple material to fit over the front and back of the batting. Once you have sewn along all the edges of the batting and it is covered with the purple material you will then cut two holes into the piece for the arms to go through. Fasten two to three bits of Velcro on the back inside of the body part to hold it together. Sounds simple right? Here’s the tricky part.

To make the head of the costume you will need to cut a piece of the batting into a crescent shape. After you’re done with that take some of the purple material and lay it over the batting and cut enough that you can sew the fabric around the batting.

Then after you have sewn the fabric over the batting take two pipe cleaners and make incisions in the top of the head-piece and stick them about 2 ½ inches down into the head-piece. Turn the head piece over and knot the pipe cleaners underneath. Then you will need to take two of the Styrofoam balls and a black sharpie marker and make them look like eye balls. Glue your home made eyeballs to the other end of the pipe cleaner on the top of the head piece.

You’re almost done! The best thing to use for the hair is a segment of a mop head. It’s stringy like in the movie and easy to glue on to the top. Once you have completed the head you will then sew the back of the head-piece onto the back of the outfit at the neck line. Now you just flip the head up and you have an adorable Boo costume that is sure to turn heads.

Now if you are not the crafty type you can also have someone to make the outfit for you. If you follow these simple steps you should have no problem at all. And there are also tutorials online to help you along your way.

The Story of Boo

One day a fellow scarer comes back from a day of scaring children only to have to be cleansed because he accidentally brought back a sock into the Monsters Inc. building. While the monster is being cleansed Sulley discovers that the portal door where his coworker came from was accidentally left open and the child has entered into their world.

After several failed attempts to put the child back into her world he finally gives up and puts her in a bag and goes to find his best friend mike for help. A mass panic ensues when the girl is found to be in the monsters world. However Sulley has realized that the human is harmless and becomes quite attached to her and names her Boo.

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