Brother and sister costumes

Halloween celebrations and costume parties are always double the fun when you have someone to tag along with you and share the enjoyment, why not go dressed up as siblings when the witching season commences. While there are plenty of generic costume choices that would be ideal I have only chosen ones which are specifically for brothers and sisters mainly from movies and television shows.


Frozen will soon be a classic in a few years but while it is still relatively new compared to other duo costume choices I decided to put it as number one on this list. It is the highest grossing animation movies that isn’t a sequel at the time of writing and for good reason and children love it although I am sure adults could rock it pretty well. This would be good inspiration for two sets of brothers and two sets of sisters. The two sisters could go as Anna and Elsa and the brothers could go as Kristoff and Olaf but of course they are still good for a single set of siblings.

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

Probably one of the most popular choices from one of the most magical and awe inspiring children’s films. As popular as Peter Pan was it could be said that Tinkerbell is just as popular and well known if not more now that she has her own series of movies. Tinkerbell is the little fairy that needs the belief of everyone to survive and Peter Pan is the kid who never grows up and lives in Neverland, both of which wear emerald green costumes but can be easily adapted whilst still retaining their recogniability.

Hermione and Harry

The most popular movie franchise of all time at the time of writing and for good reason not to mention one that will be a classic for years to come and always recognizable even by people who haven’t read the books or watched the spellbinding movies. I say Harry and Hermione but there are TONS of other combinations that you could try out such as Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall, Ron and Herminone, Ginny and Harry.

Sully and Mike

I put this up here because of the recent Monster Inc movie which goes to show the movie is still popular and people are still interested. Sully and Mike are best friends who work at Monsters Inc so they could symbolize brothers and sisters who aren’t JUST siblings but also best friends. Whoever likes the color green the most could be Mike and whoever likes blue better could be Sully so everyone is happy.

Shrek and Fiona

These ogres are extremely popular and have spawned four different movies and tons of different spin off shorts as well. They also have their fun comedic sidekick the Donkey voiced by Eddie Murphy which could be a good idea for three siblings. If a child does not want to dress up as an ogre they can always be a human version of the characters such as dressing up as Princess Fiona instead of Ogre Fiona.

Toys Story

With Toy Story as a theme there are plenty of options that would be ideal such as Mr and Mrs Potato head, Buzz/Woody and Jessie, Barbie and Ken (from the third movie). The most obvious one would be Woody and Wendy and it would be great for a cowboy themed birthday aswell. If Buzz is your children’s favorite character one can go as Buzz and the other can go as a female version. It’s crucial to adapt each idea to your preferences!

Pebbles and Bamm Bamm

Children will just love the caveman and women theme and instead of simple generic ones you can put the Flintstones theme on it. The best thing about this costume choice is that you can make it as simple or as complex as you like by adding accessories such as the club.

You can find our full guide for Bamm Bamm here.

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