Chucky’s Bride Costume

chuckys bride costumeChild’s Play is one of the top horror franchises and a popular choice to screen around October when everyone is gearing up for Halloween.

It focuses on the escapades of a doll that comes to life with the spirit of a dead serial killer and terrorises unwitting humans.

If you’re looking for the perfect horror themed costume this year that not too many other people will be wearing so you’ll stand out and be unique then I’ve got you covered.This Chucky’s Bride Costume tutorial includes everything you need including wig/hair, costume and makeup to finish everything off. 

Chucky’s Bride Wig

high beams Intense Temporary Spray on Hair Color, Wicked White #21, 2.7 Ouncehigh beams Intense Temporary Spray on Hair Color, Wicked White #21, 2.7 OunceBe Wicked Women's Short Bob Wig, White, One SizeBe Wicked Women’s Short Bob Wig, White, One Size


To make sure everything flows in a logical manner we’re starting from the top and working our way down so the first thing you’ll need for this outfit is a wig. Technically you could use your natural hair too which is why we include white spray in hair dye above, otherwise a wig would be ideal.

Chucky’s Bride Costume

Costume Culture Women's Licensed Bride Of Chucky Costume, White, SmallCostume Culture Women’s Licensed Bride Of Chucky Costume, White, SmallSmiffys Women's White Bride Of Chucky Costume - US Dress 10-12Smiffys Women’s White Bride Of Chucky Costume – US Dress 10-12


So you have a suitable wig/hairstyle in place, next onto clothing. Here are two premade costume sets that would work well for women this Halloween and include almost everything you need: leather jacket, white dress, gloves and chocker. Don’t forget to add a wig as shown above and possibly makeup as shown below, finish off with a pair of suitable shoes.

Want to go the do it yourself route? That’s fine too but you’ll need to pick up each of the individual items yourself instead. Check out local thrifts stores for a black leather jacket, white dress and leather chocker (remember new stock is cycled in regularly so multiple trips may be necessary to find everything you need) then it’s just a matter of putting everything together.

Chucky’s Bride Makeup

Now that your outfit is in place you’ll want to complete the look with makeup and here’s the perfect video guide to show you how to do that with text instructions below for those that prefer text.

  • Begin by priming your eyeballs then using a makeup brush go in with a very light creme color in your brow and inner corner, then go in with a light red and apply that in your crease on both sides and underneath your eyeball. Then go over that with a purple eyeshadow and bring it down onto your lid. Complete the trio of colors with black on your lids and on your lash line.
  • Next create a small winged eye-liner effect using your favorite brand of eye-liner. Then fill in your eyebrows with black liner for thickness. Then apply black body paint to your lips and fill in your beauty mark above that. Move onto contouring your nose and rounding out your cheeks.
  • The artist moves onto painting on Tiffany’s clothes starting with a black collar with black body paint, shading that with grey eyeshadow and white highlights. Use silver body paint to create the circle jewel in the middle. Use white body paint for the shirt and then black for the whole jacket. Dab on white body paint to create a leather effect and a detail paint to define shines in the leather. Add zipper and buttons. Finish by adding her punctured heart tattoo.

There you have it everything you’ll need to transform into Chucky’s Bride this Halloween or cosplay season. Before you leave don’t forget to check out our social media pages for the latest tutorials each week.

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