Connie Steven Universe Cosplay

Connie Steven Universe CosplayHey guys and welcome back to another Steven Universe themed cosplay tutorial, today we’ll be creating a Connie Steven Universe cosplay for conventions and Halloween of course. What so great about the outfits of Steven Universe is they are incredibly simple to recreate with items you already have laying around.

Connie is a character from Rebecca Sugar’s epic Steven Universe who is a friend of Steven and fuses with him from time to time to create Stevonnie. Her outfit consists of glasses, dress, and boots which we’ll be discussing below.
Unfortunately there is no official costume available at the time of writing or for the foreseeable future so we’ll have to create Connie’s outfit using a little creativity sourcing different elements into one cohesive look. Start from your local thrift store or buy everything online and get it shipped straight to your door (saving a lot of time).


Super Oversized Round Circle Frame Clear Lens Glasses Black

The first item you’ll need is a pair of oversized round spectacles, if you already own a pair then you’re already half way there if not check the option I’ve picked out above or search local thrift or dollar store for a bargain. While you’re at it you may aswell look for the other items you’ll need below too.

There is also the small issue of Connie’s hair, which is naturally brown and shoulder length. Either use your natural hair if it’s suitable, dye/style your natural locks or lastly use a wig.

Connie Maheswaran Cosplay

Rekucci Women’s Rayon Jersey Sleeveless Tank Top (S-XXL) (Large,White)Women’s Stretchy Flared Skater Skirt (Small, VS109-Mint)

The next item Connie wears is a white and light blue dress, we couldn’t find an exact replica unfortunately but you could easily wear a white tank top and mint blue skater style dress as shown above as a suitable substitution and no one would be any wiser. She is also seen wearing a similar color mint blue bowtie which is optional to add.

Alternatively she is seen wearing a mint and white stripes shirt with denim overalls in the series, it’s up to you to decide which look to go for! There are so many different ways to rock this look including adding a straw hat for extra detail.

KMystic Womens Trouser Socks Knee High (Lemon)Kamik Women’s Heidi Rain Boot,Coral,8 M US

Only a few more items to add now before you’re completed. Next on our list is a pair of coral/red colored rainboots, you could also wear a pair of red converse shoes instead if that’s more convenient either way red is definitely the way to go. Pair that with knee high lemon yellow socks.

It may not be an official costume but there you have it, a completed Connie Maheswaran cosplay you can wear with pride. Before you leave check our Steven Universe themed tutorials that are perfect for couples, friends and groups. Also our social media pages are always active so check them out too linked above.

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