Consuela Costume (Family Guy)

Consuela is a character from Family Guy and although she isn’t a main character she had loads of fans, she is known for her catchphrase ‘no, no’ no’ which started out as a running gag but evolved to becoming more involved with the plot.

Along with her phrase she also mispronounces a lot of words which can provide some comic relief, she calls everyone ‘mister’ even if they are a woman and muddles up her sentences.

She is a maid employed by different people in the show: Darth Vader, the Griffins and Superman.

Like a lot of different animated characters (for example Bart is voiced by a woman) she is actually voiced by a guy who actually modeled the character off one of his own maids.

Consuela Maid Outfit

Treasure-box Women's Lolita Dresses French Apron Maid Costumes 8-10 PinkTreasure-box Women’s Lolita Dresses French Apron Maid Costumes 8-10 Pink

Seeing as Consuela is a maid the outfit you will be creating is based on that theme and so there are loads of premade costumes out there for you. However we’ll be working through this step by step for people wanting to do it from scratch.

The first item you need is a pink dress that maids would wear, you can find something like this at local thrift stores. As she is a cleaner she needs an apron to protect her dress, again something similar can be found at second hand stores.

For those that do not want to find all of the individual items I have picked out a pink maids dress and apron outfit above for you. A lot more convenient and easier.

Cleaning Items

Feather Duster (White) AccessoryFeather Duster (White) AccessorySize Large - 3 Pairs (6 Gloves) 12Size Large – 3 Pairs (6 Gloves) 12

The next item to find is a white duster, perhaps you already own one if not they’re not hard to find in most stores.You cannot dust without furniture polish spray, the brand she uses in the show is Lemon Pledge where she is always asking for more.

Along with dusting and the like Consuela also washing dishes so you’ll need a pair of yellow dish gloves for this.There is the yellow gloves and the duster above for you, it may seem overkill for some but they work together to create this outfit.

Consuela Wig & Glasses

Women Daily Short Wavy Full Wigs Chestnut Brown Hair Wig by UPSWomen Daily Short Wavy Full Wigs Chestnut Brown Hair Wig by UPSLarge Oversized Retro Fashion Clear Lens Square Glasses (Black)Large Oversized Retro Fashion Clear Lens Square Glasses (Black)

Now let’s work on her face, there are several elements to bring together. First you need a pair of light blue pearl or stud earrings. Next she cannot be seen without her glasses, in this case you need oversized square glasses. Don’t forget to  pop out the lenses.

Consuela’s hair is short, wavy and black. You have two options, style your own hair or get a wig. Wavy black wigs are not hard to find either, you can look online or in costume stores. I haven a perfect short wavy wig above for you along with the oversized glasses. The glasses are certainly the best I could find and match the character perfectly.

Lemon Pledge

Pledge Lemon Clean Furniture Spray - 9.7 oz(pack of 1)Pledge Lemon Clean Furniture Spray – 9.7 oz(pack of 1)

You could go dressed as Consuela without her Lemon Pledge cleaning spray. Don’t forget to add a pair of blue pearl earrings and apply some red lipstick for added detail.

The last item is footwear and again this is super simple. What you want to find is black wedge, not too high though because I do not think she is that glamorous but something with a little extra height.

Your whole family and even your pet dog can get in on the Halloween/cosplay fun. With families you can also go as different members of the Family Guy cast and your pet can join you dress as Brian.

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