Create a Caesar Flickerman costume (The Hunger Games)

caesar flickerman costume

Blue colonial wig

If you are a fan of dystopia novels or general action movies then then chances are you have read the series of Hunger Games books by Suzanne Collins, and the books were so popular they have spawned highly popular movies.

While most of the action and hype surrounds the love triangle between Katniss Everdeen, Peeta and Gale there are plenty of other story arches and characters to take into consideration.

The premise is that of a world which forces chosen ‘tributes’ from each ‘district’ to fight to the death on television every year, these tributes being children. An event of this scale in this setting requires someone who can keep a level head in even the most disturbing situations, that is where Caesar comes in.

Caesar Flickerman Wig

Forum Novelties Men’s Historical Colonial Costume Wig,Forum Novelties Men’s Colonial George Washington Historical

A blue colonial style wig is a perfect option, you’ll find very few wigs that are styled in this way which best reflect how Caesar looks other wigs you’ll either need to style yourself, just keep in mind that to style an unnatural wig is a lot harder than one that is made from natural hair fibers.

Other than getting a colonial style wig piece you can dye or spray your natural hair blue if you are committed to this cosplay and then style it according afterwards. Your hair is not the only thing which needs to be blue but also your eyebrows and your face using some subtle makeup.

Blue Suit

Charades Costumes George Washington Child Costume Blue/BrownAdult Small 36-38 Blue and Red Colonial

The very last piece of this is the blue suit, if you didn’t notice he really likes the color blue. Of course you’ll want to wear a shirt of some sort underneath the suit with the one in the movie being white so that is your best option although wearing a different color should hurt heck a blue one might even help!

I assume most people will either want to emulate his look from either the first or second movie although you can go with the books for some additional inspiration.

While Caesar is not one of the main characters his fashion sense and clothing is one of the most visually appealing in the movies second to maybe Effie Trinket.

He is known for hosting the games and interviewing the tributes from each district and generally is known to help them feel comfortable answering questions which is quite ironic considering what they are forced to do after the interviews.

He has also got a quirky fashion sense and changes his looks for each game multiple times, throughout his commentary he takes on a positive tone regardless of how bad things get.

Caesar Flickerman Makeup Colors

73rd Games: He was wearing crimson which gave the impression he was bleeding.

(First movie) 74th Games: His hair, eyes and lips were a blue color.

(Catching Fire) 75th Games: Lavender was the color scheme for that year.

For those taking this on as a cosplay you’ll want to take personality into account and incorporate that into your performance in which case you should take on the character of a talk show host, one that is helpful but almost for the wrong reasons.

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions, suggestions or costume tutorial collections and I’ll be sure to reply and complete any requests as soon as I can.

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