Create a Luna Lovegood Costume

Luna Lovegood CostumeLuna Lovegood is a unique character from the Harry Potter series, that’s saying something considering how varied and different all of the characters are but Luna is certainly a little ‘out there’, she probably inherited it off her dad.

I chose to create a tutorial for her costume because I know just how popular she is, heck I have seen her beat Hermione in polls for favourite female. People enjoy her carefree, caring attitude and her outfits are utterly crazy (could give Lady Gaga a run for her money).

An aspect of this is her Spectrespecs, glasses which are pink and purple glasses that can help Luna see things that others might miss. Luna claims they help her see wrackspurts which are little magical creatures which cause wizards brain to go fuzzy.

One similarity she has with Harry is that they have both seen someone die and therefore both have the ability to see Thestrals. It is only after the fourth book that Harry realises the coaches that bring them to Hogwarts are pulled by these invisible creatures, this is where Luna confides in him that she too can see them.

Blond Wig

 Forum Novelties Women’s Mesmerelda Long Curly Princess Costume Wig, Blonde, One Size

As per usual to make things easy I start from the top of the outfit and work my way down. So the first thing to tackle is the hair, Luna has long flowing blond hair that goes below her shoulders.

Above I have picked out a fairly long blond wig for you, you probably don’t need to place it like the woman in the picture.


 Elope Inc. Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Spectra Specs

The second item you will need is the specs that I mentioned above, these are taken free from the Quibbler magazine. They may not be quite as magical as the ones in the book but they’ll sure look snazzy.

These come in handy when Harry was left with a broken nose in the Hogwarts train compartment by Draco concealed by his invisibility cloak (this incident was slightly different in the book).

I have looked around for these in the Harry Potter Warner Store, Amazon and elsewhere however most seem to be out of stock so I won’t link to them here. However going the DIY route you could cut pink coloured  foam into shape using a stencil and fix onto a pair of old sunglasses.

Ravenclaw Robes

 Harry Potter Adult Ravenclaw Robe, Black, Standard Costume Harry Potter Child’s Ravenclaw Robe – One Color – Medium

Did you know that Luna was selected for the Ravenclaw house? Neither did I, nevertheless you will need your Hogwarts robes with the blue raven crest on it. Students in Ravenclaw are known for being especially smart not that the other houses aren’t which is why the Sorting Hat considered putting Hermione into it.

Eventhough they’re not necessary you can wear the other Ravenclaw clothing items along with your robes depending on the weather including the woolly hat and scarf.

Above you can see how the robes look, I have picked one for adults and one for children too. No matter what age you are you should be able to celebrate your love for the series.


 Wizarding World of Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Wand Replica

As with every wizard you’ll need a wand to perform magic, just like most people Luna got her first wand from Ollivander’s store in Diagon Alley when she was eleven years old whilst buying the rest of her supplies for Hogwarts. However this first wand’s material and core are unkown.

There is also little information on her second one, it was created by Ollivander after the pair had escaped from Malfoy Manor along with Harry, Ron, Hermione thanks to Dobby.

The Quibbler

You cannot wear the specs without also holding and pretending to read a copy of the wizard magazine Quibbler. This is a tabloid magazine that is created by Luna’s father Xenophilius. It is also known to contain conspiracy theories which probably why she is so wacky.

An easy way to obtain a copy yourself as a Muggle is to find a PDF version online that you can print out and use. It’s pretty cool that people in the Harry Potter fan community would go out of their way to create such a resource, just be weary what you download online.

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