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The Big Bang Theory is still one of the hottest show about, getting more viewers than Game of Thrones (although I am sure it will catch up in time) and its popularity is credited to the unique and comical characters namely Sheldon Cooper although there are several other characters that take the limelight at times too.

Raj Koothrappali is one of these characters and is Howard’s best friend although their relationship (bromance) is often joked about by others and even themselves. The embarrassing truth is that he is too shy to speak to women, that is without any alcohol in his system, yes he has to be drunk before he can even utter a word to a woman.

Just like Howard, Sheldon and Leonard Raj choice of clothing is quite unique as it is with most real life geeks which makes his outfit a perfect choice for geeky Halloween parties or cosplays as a group or individually.

Items You’ll Need

A good way to start creating his outfit is by looking at reference images, you could use the one above as a starting point or another of your choice and build the outfit piece by piece from that. Thankfully which ever image you choose there is the same consistent style to follow.

The first part of the outfit is his brown sweater vest or whichever one you’ve decided to go by, it’s best to find one with a funky pattern on it to best reflect Raj’s personality. The one pictured to the left is a great choice if you want something bright, if not there are also plain brown ones available here.

The jacket could be purple or another color of your choice and would be something used for sports will a full zipper down the middle. In this case a solid purple one is more easy to find than one with a white part at the bottom.

Thirdly a pair of brown cargo pants is what you will need next, I can imagine these would be quite comfortable to wear but that’s because I don’t like jeans however you can adapt this to your personal preferences. I won’t list a pair here because you probably have a pair laying around ready to use or could find one at the thrift store.

For the clothing part a pair of regular brown shoes will be appropriate to finish the look and tie all the loose ends.

With the clothing elements in place the final thing to take care of is the hair which you can see is a simple affair. A short black wig is more than adequate but chances are you can make do with whatever style of length of hair you have.

Although it is not shown on the image above he is known to also wear a red cap, right at the beginning of series one and throughout although you don’t see him wearing it in later series.

Raj Aquaman Costume

Other than what he wears on a day to day basis a popular costume that would go well for this theme is an Aquaman one, you may recall he had to compromise to wear it for a fancy dress party even though he didn’t really want to. Aquaman may not be the most popular superhero out there so the episode and the show has really boosted his profile.


While the complete outfit will be more than enough to alert people to the character you are trying to portray but you may want to throw in some personality traits aswell to give people some more clues.

Raj is known for not being able to talk to woman under most circumstances (he did try medication but the side effects were not worth the ability to talk) and so you could employ this trait and consequently freeze up when a beautiful woman passes you.He can also be quite obnoxious but only when he is drunk.

Once you’ve gathered all of the parts all you need to do is slip into them, thankfully this is a no sew affair and most of the items can be found at the thrift store anyway. Most of all have fun and any comments you have can be placed in the box below.

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