Cyndi Lauper Costume DIY

Cyndi Lauper Costume DIYCyndi Lauper is one of the most well known popstars from the 80’s, with her album She’s So Usual securing her place in history with numerous hits such as Time after Time and her most memorable song ‘Girl’s Just Want To Have Fun’. With a unique colorful style and upbeat songs she’s everything you think of when you reminisce over the 80’s era.

There are two ways you can go about creating her outfits: either do it yourself which we’ll be showing you how or buy a pre-made costume. Either method is perfectly fine and you’ll get the same result.

Below we’ll be showing you everything you need to put together this 80’s icon’s costume for yourself for cosplay or Halloween. With everything from her colorful wigs to bright outfits and jazzy accessories. This would be the perfect idea for an 80’s themed fancy dress party so let’s begin.

Cyndi Lauper Wig

California Costumes Women's True Colors Wig, Red/Yellow, One SizeCalifornia Costumes Women’s True Colors Wig, Red/Yellow, One SizeRubie's Costume Rocking Wig, Red, One SizeRubie’s Costume Rocking Wig, Red, One Size


The first thing you’ll need is a colorful wig; Cyndi Lauper certainly wasn’t boring so her hair has to match. Check out the array of colorful wigs online or scour your local costume stores.

If a wig isn’t your thing or you’d prefer to go the DIY route why not dye your hair (if you’re ready for a change) or use spray in colors or hair chalk as a temporary solution for the night.

Cyndi Lauper Outfits

Rubie's Women's 80's Diva Costume, Black, StandardRubie’s Women’s 80’s Diva Costume, Black, StandardSmiffy's 80s Pop Tart, Yellow/Black, MediumSmiffy’s 80s Pop Tart, Yellow/Black, Medium


There are so many iconic outfitss she wears that it would be impossible to just show one. Here are two different styles to get you started: a darker black and pink outfit consisting of dress, leggings, gloves, belt, necklace, headpiece, and wristlets. Or a lighter yellow and black outfit from Smiffy’s consisting of top, dress and headband. Just add a pair of shoes and you’ll be ready to go!

If you’d prefer to make your own it would be super easy, check out your local thrift stores for all the items you’ll need such as: leg warmers, fishnet stockings, colorful tops and skirts, colorful bead necklaces and headbands. Then it’s just a case of putting everything together alongside dyed hair (so you don’t need to buy a wig).

Dreamdanceworks 80s Fancy Costume Set - TUTU & LEG WARMERS & FISHNET GLOVES & BEADS (Neon Pink)Dreamdanceworks 80s Fancy Costume Set – TUTU & LEG WARMERS & FISHNET GLOVES & BEADS (Neon Pink)Smiffy's Women's Beads Fluorescent 4 Strands, Multi, One SizeSmiffy’s Women’s Beads Fluorescent 4 Strands, Multi, One Size1980's Cindy Lauper Costume Accessory Long Fishnet Gloves - Black1980’s Cindy Lauper Costume Accessory Long Fishnet Gloves – Black


The outfit isn’t complete without a selection of 80’s themed accessories. Cyndi is known for her bead necklaces, fishnet gloves and neon pink attire. Mix and match depending on what you like, the tackier the better.

So there you have it, everything you’ll need to create your own 80’s themed Cyndi Lauper outfit that’ll have fans taking selfies with you all night. Before you leave check out our others tutorials and join our social media channels for updates on the newest posts. Have fun!

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