Daenerys Targaryen Costume

daenerys targaryen costume

photo credit: Game of Thrones

Today I want to show you how to create a Daenerys Targaryen costume for cosplay or Halloween, I know Halloween is nowhere near but it will be here before you know it and cosplay can be done all year round anyway.

The Khaleesi is one of the main characters in the hit show Game of Thrones, the Khalessi title is gained from being the wife of a Dothraki warrior (a khal) and so this gives her a high status in the show.

With this new status we see her grow into a true strong queen that is independent from men and can hold her own in difficult situations, while her khal (Drogo) dies early on you can still pair the two up for a couples costume.

Blue Dress

blue dress

Fantasy Goddess Blue Gown

The wig, armbands, jewellery and footwear are not included with this one (above). For those items that do not come included you can search your local thrift store.

Daenerys wear quite a few different outfits, so what you wear will depend on the styles you like. The first one is the blue gown so can be seen wearing with touches of gold in the jewellery and bely.  The to find a blue gown you can use as a base look in your local thrift store.

Once you have found this you need a belt to give it shape and keep it tucked to your body. To create the gold Qarth belt print a template from the internet, making sure you enlarge it to scale.

Use this template to cut a piece of sturdy foam into the right shape then spray paint it with gold paint in a well ventilated area.


Brown Barbarian Outfit

brown barbarian outfit

Brown & Tan Leather Gown

The next outfit is the barbarian warrior bridge one with multiple shades of earthy brown.

This fantasy warrior outfit features a faux leather dress with a keyhole neck-hole along with gold trim along the shoulders, waist and skirt. It also comes with the tan skirt that has a rather revealing slit down the right side for the leg.

To create something like this but without buying pre made find a tan dress for the base at the and then a darker brown short sleeved shirt for the top half.

Hair & Makeup

photo credit: OKIMG_2927

photo credit: OKIMG_2927

Next we shall work on the hair and make-up both very important parts of pulling off the outfit, the image above is the perfect reference to work from.

As you can see she has an unnaturally white set of locks, your best chance at gaining something similar is by wearing a wig. Thankfully there is a lot of different styles and choices to choose from.

white blond wig

 White Blond Barbarian Bridge Wig

Here is one such wig you can choose in the two plaits either side to keep the hair back, what I specifically like about this one is that there are two hooks that help adjust the size.

If using your own natural hair you’ll need to dye your hair white (make sure the dye is only temporary unless you want to make a permanent change). Then add the waves and plaits at the top which keep the hair in place.

Her hair is fitting with her makeup i.e pale and so you’ll want to make your face quite pale too but in a subtle way. To compliment the makeup and white blond hair you may also consider blue contact lenses.


After clothing and face and make-up is completed all that is left is the final accessories. Footwear is simple, most people of this era wear sandals, for a queen you’ll want nothing less than the finest gold sandals.

This character is the perfect choice to pair with Khal Drogo as a couple, double the fun and you have someone to go with you. I’m sure going as a couple will make quite the impression as well if you create the outfits authentically.

game of thrones couples

photo credit: Couples

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