Daria Costume DIY

Daria Costume DIYDaria was the perfect show for geeks and misanthropes alike, an animated show that ran from 1997 to 2002 as a spin off to Beavis and Butthead. It focused on the life of Daria (a recurring character that had previous featured in Beavis and Butthead), formally known as Daria Morgendorffer, the human hating teenager as she went through high school taking in the world around her in her own unique way.

It quickly became one of MTV’s most popular shows with high viewing figures to boot, what made it so popular was Daria herself, critiquing society around her in such a refreshing way often hailed as one of the best female cartoon characters.

Today we’ll be looking at how to create a Daria costume for cosplay and of course Halloween. You simply cannot dress as the character with her trademark boots, green jacket, spectacles and big hair.

Daria Glasses

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Let’s dive right into dissecting her outfit, at first glance Daria’s attire reminds me Velma from Scooby Doo and it makes sense considering they both wear glasses and have a geeky quality about them. Consequently first off is Daria’s round black spectacles, typical nerd style glasses work well here. This is what makes this costume great for nerd aswell as those who wear glasses.

Daria Wig

Just like Velma she has red/dark auburn hair only instead of shoulder length Daria’s going past her shoulders and is a little longer. There are a few ways you can go about replicating her hairstyle. The first would be to use your natural hair and style it, add spray in dye to hair that isn’t the right color and thirdly wear a wig.

Daria Green Jacket

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Next you’ll want an orange shirt to work as a base, over that Daria’s trademark green jacket. These two items can be found online on auction sites, Amazon or at your local thrift store. If you go the thrift store route you may have to check back several times until you find what you’re looking for. I’ve included an orange shirt for underneath the jacket however it’s not essential.

Daria Skater Skirt

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Moving on you’ll want a black skater skirt and boots. I doubt Daria would mind what she wears as long as it’s comfortable but she also strikes me as a trailblazer, perhaps starting some trends of her own.

Daria Boots

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Finish off with a pair of Dr Martens boots, technically you could use any type of black knee high boots from the thrift store or a pair your already own if you want however to be screen accurate we’ll go with this brand.

There you have it a perfect Daria outfit for Halloween and why not make it double the fun and go as a pair or even a group with a friend dressed as Jane or even Trent. While you’re at it why not add some old Beavis and Butthead characters to the mix.

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