Darla Finding Nemo Costume

darla finding nemo costumeI thought I would do a costume tutorial from Darla from Finding Nemo as I know she is one of the most memorable characters thanks to her ‘delightful characteristics’!

We are introduced to Darla as the daughter of Phillip Sherman and we found out that she wants a new fish, the only problem being she doesn’t treat them too well on the contrary her last fish was killed because she kept shaking the bag it was in.

For those who have watched the film you know that Nemo doesn’t want to be met with the same fate and hatches a devious plan to escape from his tank. Only his plan goes wrong when he plays dead but that doesn’t stop Darla shaking the bag to ‘wake him up’.

Luckily Gill (the blue fish with scars on his face) is quick thinking and launches himself out of tank and straight into her hair where she drops Nemo.

To start creating the costume we’ll begin on the clothes. She wears a purple jumper with the words ‘Rock n Roll Girl’ on it, however you can use a plain purple jumper just to make things easier.


I have chosen a long sleeved one below, which is woolly (nice and snug) and baggy too to give it a similar appearance to Darla’s.

 Forever Womens Long Sleeves Knitted Baggy Style Oversize Plain Jumper Sweater (One Size = (8-14), Magenta)

Plaid Skirt

The next item is her skirt which is plaid, when choosing yours you want to choose one with a dash of yellow or green in there to stay in line with the movie. Below is the perfect yellow coloured pair that you can use along with the jumper.

 Sports (Pencil) Skirt (Yellow Plaid) (Size JRS 5)


Moving onto hair now, Darla wears her hair with two bunches either side. Easy enough to recreate with your natural hair but if you do not have enough length or your hair is a different colour then a wig is the perfect option.

Darla Finding Nemo Braces

As well as for screaming FISHY Darla is known for her braces so this is an important part of the outfit you don’t want to miss out. You can create something similar with a length of thin metal wire, or you can buy fake ones premade online. I found this Katie Perry set that goes well with this because it has the metal around the mouth which a lot of other sets do not.

 Katy Perry Wig and Braces Costume Accessory, Red, One Size

Shoes can be whatever black pair you have in your closet. Pair those shoes with long white socks like the ones she wears in the film and you are finished for footwear.

The final item you will need is a fish of course, probably best to choose a toy fish rather than a real one and carry that around in a plastic bag with you. If you can place a little weight on the fish on the back so it appears to be floating upside down.

To fit into the role of your character even better for good measure shake the bag a few times and scream FISHY! This will also help remind people what you are dressed as.

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