David Bowie Ziggy Stardust Costume

David Bowie is one of the most iconic musicians in modern history and will be remembered fondly well into the future. Not only is he himself iconic but his character Ziggy Stardust.

Today I’ll be showing you everything you need to put together your own Ziggy Stardust costume including clothing, wig and makeup.

David Bowie spent his life teaching people there is no right way to be a man, expressing his gender through this androgynous alter ego which would work perfect as a cosplay for both genders.

The character was bought to life in Bowies concept album: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars as a rock star who could contact extra terrestrial beings.

Ziggy Stardust Wig

Ziggy Stardust Bowie Red Mullet Costume WigZiggy Stardust Bowie Red Mullet Costume WigRubie's Costume Rock Star Spiked Wig, Red, One SizeRubie’s Costume Rock Star Spiked Wig, Red, One Size


So everything flows in a logical manner we’ll be starting at the top and working our way down beginning with his wig. Ziggy Stardust wears a 70’s style rock punk wig in bright red. If you happen to be born with red hair you wouldn’t even need a wig, just style your hair appropriately. Otherwise dying your hair or wearing a wig such as the ones showcased above is sufficient.

Ziggy Stardust Jumpsuit

Peach Couture Geometric Blouson Elastic Top Jumpsuit Romper L Orange NavyPeach Couture Geometric Blouson Elastic Top Jumpsuit Romper L Orange NavyDavid Bowie Glam Rocker Adult Costume StandardDavid Bowie Glam Rocker Adult Costume Standard


Once the hair is sorted you can move onto the outfit itself which consists of geometric patterned jumpsuit. This one comes with jumpsuit with attached shoulder pads and boot covers. If your outfit doesn’t have the boots attached you can check out the options below.

Ziggy Stardust Red Boots

Boot Super Hero Red Men LargeBoot Super Hero Red Men LargeEllie Shoes Women's Gogo Snow Boot, Red, 7 M USEllie Shoes Women’s Gogo Snow Boot, Red, 7 M US


The next addition to this costume is a pair of red platform boots. Here are two suitable options for men and women. You could also check out local costume or thrift stores if none of the boots online take your fancy.

David Zowie Aladdin Sane/Ziggy Stardust Makeup

There is technically a distinction between Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane, they are from different albums however Bowie noted Aladdin was a development of Ziggy so they are essentially the same character. Here’s how you do the iconic lightning strike makeup. Before you begin make sure you have red body paint to use for the lightning bolt.

  • Begin by washing and priming your face. Apply your regular foundation then powder that. Now apply eye primer, and highlight to the brow bone if need be. Then apply white shadow as a base and continue with a pink hue to your lid and a little underneath your eye. Fill in underneath your lash line as well as your water line (depending on the shape and size of your eyes) and then apply mascara.
  • Now blush onto your cheeks and any areas that need contouring including temples and nose. For lipstick you can either go for a nude or darker pink applying a shimmer over it.
  • Outline the lightning bolt with an angled brush using a reference image as a guide then fill it in. After that go in with a light blue around the left edge with a separate black line down the centre to separate the two. Next use a highlighter to add the gold shimmer which was shown on the album cover art. For your neck and chest use a lighter foundation and then apply a light pink blush to it. To create the drop that is on his collarbone use a white body paint to create the outline and then shade & highlight.
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