Dean Winchester Costume

Dean Winchester CostumeSupernatural is a US television series that has been running forever! It features two brothers Sam and Dean Winchester (played by the talented Jensen Ackles) as they hunt down and defeat supernatural beings while also trying to track down their father who they got slit up from in the beginning of the series.

Do you watch Supernatural? Then you’ll love this article focusing on the character of Dean Winchester, it’s a difficult cosplay to put together if you want to be screen accurate as a lot of the items have been discontinued.

The character is as popular as he was 10 years ago when the series began and is always a popular choice to dress up as so today we’ll be looking at how to create your own Dean Winchester costume covering everything you need including jacket, shirt, jewellery and jeans.

Dean Winchester Jacket

Alpha Industries Men's M-65 Field Coat,Olive Green,MediumAlpha Industries Men’s M-65 Field Coat,Olive Green,MediumReal Leather SN Super Brown Distressed Leather Jacket - Natural Leather Coat (Large)Real Leather SN Super Brown Distressed Leather Jacket – Natural Leather Coat (Large)


The first item you’ll need is a leather jacket similar to the one Dean wears, unfortunately the original onscreen jacket brand (Wilson’s Leather) has been discontinued so you’ll need to find a suitable replacement.

Here we have two different options for you to choose from: a green Alpha Industries Men’s Field Coat and a distressed leather natural leather jacket that looks closer to what you see onscreen. Choose the one you prefect or pick up a brown leather jacket from the thrift store and let’s move onto jewelry. 

Pair your jacket with a Dickies button up work shirt i.e the exact one Jensen Ackles character wears in khaki/brown, black, grey or green colors. He can also be seen wearing a red button up work shirt by Carhartt, depends on what colorscheme/outfit you like.

Dean Winchester Jewelry

Supernatural Anti-Possession Tattoo - Set of ThreeSupernatural Anti-Possession Tattoo – Set of ThreeMarrywindix Supernatural Dean Winchester Mask Pendant Necklace Two-sided Pendant (Antique Golden)Marrywindix Supernatural Dean Winchester Mask Pendant Necklace Two-sided Pendant (Antique Golden)


Next up jewelry, you want to add this for extra detail and to give people a better idea of who you’re portraying. As someone who hunts for demons and other deranged creatures Dean needs all the protection he can get physical and spiritual.

Therefore he wears several sets of jewelry and tattoo that dispel and keep away different types of supernatural threats including an anti-possession tattoo paired with a Marrywindix two sided demon pendant. 

Dean Winchester Jeans

Wrangler Men's Authentics Classic Regular-Fit Jean, Stonewash Dark, 35x29Wrangler Men’s Authentics Classic Regular-Fit Jean, Stonewash Dark, 35×29


Finish off your costume with a pair of blue denim jeans, Dean is seen wearing these during the series. Not hard to find in your existing closet or pick up for a few dollars at the thrift store otherwise check out the link provided above. Perhaps give your jeans a distressed look with sandpaper to show you’ve actually been on a demon hunt.

Finish off with a pair of heavy duty boots, don’t think you could fight or hunt down monsters every single day without proper footwear. Dean is seen Rocky GorTex Logger boots.

So there you have it a completed Dean Winchester cosplay for cons, fancy and Halloween. This would make a perfect pairing for friends or brothers with the other person dressed as Sam Winchester. Before you leave make sure to check out our social media pages with all the latest updates and tutorials each week.

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