Dexter’s Laboratory Costume

Dexter's Laboratory CostumeDexter’s Laboratory was another television show from my childhood that ran on Cartoon Network from 1995 to 2003 although it’s regularly rerun even to this day. It features a child genius who has a secret lab in his bedroom where he works on amazing inventions and experiments.

The only problem is his annoying sister Dee Dee won’t leave him alone no matter how many times he tell her not to enter his lab. It’s from this premise that a lot of havoc is wrecked and several Tom and Jerry like chase sequences take place.

The show became one of the most popular on Cartoon Network garnering many high ratings within its run and it has been noted to have helped launch the career of many cartoonists including Family Guy’s Seth McFarlane.

To dress up in a Dexter’s laboratory costume for Halloween or cosplay is an obscure idea but it means you can remain unique this Halloween although you may have to remind people who you’re dressed as. 

Dexter’s Lab Costume

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To create his outfit is fairly simple, we’ll start with his lab coat which is a crucial element to the overall look. Just a regular white lab coat will do nothing fancy.

Pair your lab coat with a pair of purple latex gloves to protect his hands from dangerous chemicals. A final scientific accessory to add would be a beaker filled with suspicious looking green liquid (limeade).

Dexters Lab Wig

Next after lab coat is his ginger hair, chances are your hair isn’t ginger so you’ll need to use either dye or wear a suitable wig. If you look closely his hair is fairly curly towards the front, any wig you get should allow styling to replicate these curls.

Smiffy’s Men’s 90’s TV Host Kit, Ginger,

Nerd Glasses

After that we’re moving onto glasses, it’s typical geeky scientist needs glasses cliché. You’ll need thick rimmed black glasses, these can even be 3d glasses from the movie theatre if you have a spare pair laying around.

Nerd Glasses, Clear Lenses with Black Frames

Finally get yourself a pair of black rain boots to pull everything together.If you’re feeling extra creative why not pair up with someone else dressed as Dexter’s intervening sister Deedee or his arch nemesis from across the road Mandark.

Dee Dee Costume

Heroecol 50s Hepburn Style Vintage Retro Swing

Putting together Dee Dee’s outfit is fairly simple too which is what I like about cartoon’s outfits, they are rarely complex and most of the items you’ll already own.

Dee dee is known for having extremely unrealistic body proportions with long legs and a large head and in many ways she appears like a rabbit, bouncing as she walks. Although we see her meddling and breaking items in Dexter’s lab almost every episode we put this down to her simple-mindedness.

Dee Dee Wig

Dream2reality Cosplay_Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion_Anya

Start with her bright pink dress, add white tights.Next is her pink ballet shoes to match her dress, she’s beginning to look like bubblegum. Then to top it all off add a blond wig with two ponytails, if you’re hair isn’t naturally blond.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick tutorial covering both protagonists outfits, perfect for siblings or friends at Halloween.

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