Dipper Pines Costume

Dipper Pines CostumeHey guys :) we’re back again with another cosplay tutorial for you, and today we’ll be focusing on the highly successful Disney XD series Gravity Falls featuring Mabel and Dipper Pines. Think of Gravity Falls as a combination between The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and Phineas and Ferb.

When Mabel and Dipper are sent to live with their great Uncle Stan for the summer vacation at first they are bored with nothing to do but they soon find many supernatural and paranormal adventures await them.

Today we’ll be looking at how to create your own Dipper Pines Costume perfect for Halloween aswell as cosplay conventions. We’ll be covering everything you’ll need to transform into the character including pine hat, clothing and wig aswell as finishing touches to bring it all together. 

Dipper Pines Hat

Dippers Blue Pine Tree Unisex-Adult Trucker Hat -One-Size Royal/White

The first item on our list is Dipper’s blue and white pine tree cap. Here is a mesh style cap you could use that perfectly suits this character, featuring a blue pine tree design in the centre.

Dipper Pines Wig

Costume Culture Men’s Heartthrob Wig, Brown, One Size

A wig isn’t essential especially if your hair is already naturally brown however if it’s not you could throw people off therefore you want a brown wig that is a similar style to Dipper’s. The wig I’ve chosen for you above isn’t exactly like his however you get the general idea.

Dipper Pines Cosplay

Port Authority Value Fleece Vest, True Navy, X-LargeComfort Colors 6.1 oz. Garment-Dyed Pocket T-Shirt-S (Paprika)

Now that we have his hat and hair in place you’ll want to move onto his clothing. As a cartoon you have the advantage that his clothing is simple with basic colors, you’ll want to gather a reddish pink shirt and navy fleece vest. Check online or your local thrift store if you don’t already own similar items. Check sites like Ebay too if you want to buy the items online cheaply or are on a tight budget.

There are still a few more items you’ll need before you’re completed. Dipper is usually seen wearing a pair of grey shorts, white socks with a red stripe and finally a pair of black and white converse style shoes.That’s pretty much it unless you want to add any extra details that would work well.

The next blog post will be focusing on Mabel’s outfit so keep an eye out for that, a perfect costume for pairs and siblings at cosplay conventions and Halloween too.

For now have a great time putting together your outfit and if you have any comments or questions pop them in the box below. 

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