DIY Elsa Costume

frozen elsa costume

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It’s about time I created a tutorial for a DIY Elsa costume from one of the biggest movies from the last decade. I don’t mean that lightly, when Frozen hit the theatres I doubt even Disney knew what a big hit it would be propelling Elsa and Anna to household names.

As with any princess movie out there the film was just the beginning leading to a massive array of costumes, chart topping songs (Let it Go), dolls, collectibles, you name it Disney capitalized on it.

Chances are you’ve been bit by the Frozen bug like millions of other people out there (kids and adults alike), come Halloween this will be one of the most popular outfits for adults and kids so order early to avoid disappointment, don’t want to be left out in the ‘cold’ come October 31st.

Elsa Wig

elsa wigFirst things first, for a perfect Frozen look is Elsa’s blond hair styled into a loose braid going down her left shoulder.

There are three ways to accomplish this look, either use your natural hair, dye or a wig. To use your own hair start with your favorite dry shampoo before styling.

Don’t think that darker natural hair tones automatically require a wig, embrace natural hair even if it’s a little darker (or lighter) blond than the characters, be proud of what you’ve got.

Curling is a good option although not compulsory, start applying a heat resistant oil to your hair and then being the curling process. Once finished keep your hair in three parts and begin creating a loose French style braid.

There are tons of popular ready made wigs to choose from considering how popular the character is. Here is a popular choice for adults but kids versions are available too. Others have really negative reviews however it is a competitive niche so don’t rule out competitors who post fake reviews.Which ever method you choose finish off with a sprinkling of plastic snowflakes for a frosty touch.

Click Here for Pictured Wig


elsa dressNext up her dress, to go the do it yourself route start by gathering materials from thrift and fabric stores and Ebay. Perhaps you have old cosplay material laying around or in closets, these will come in handy.

Use reference images online and movie clips to get your creative juices flowing (use images to the left or above if you like). Here are four main parts I’ve dissected:

  • Blue shimmering bodice
  • White blouse
  • Blue gown
  • Train/cape

Click Here for Pictured Set

Here is a popular choice for kids however there are sizes for adults also to check out. It comes with aqua blue gown as well as gold tiara and sapphire crown.

DIY Elsa Dress

Start with a beaded blue shirt (look in thrift stores), then choose a fabric for your back train (check out Ebay for this), then create a blue sequin corset by glueing each individual sequin together onto a chosen plain corset.

dress detailThen find a white blouse to go underneath it all or use a light blue pantyhose and decorate it with glitter. Here is where reference images come in handy to capture detailing accurately.

There are several ‘V’ shaped glitter accents along the sleeves of Elsa’s dress. Also as you can see a heavy glitter border on its neck line.

Other ideas includes using a strapless teal prom dress as a base (these are easy to source at thrift stores) and then add suitable colored fabrics to give it an icy look.


elsa sparkle shoesFinish off your outfit with a pair of baby blue or white flats, slippers (Cinderella style) or pump shoes. It really doesn’t matter which you choose whatever’s on hand will work.

For something more extravagant check out these Elsa sparkle shoes that represent her character a lot better than generic flats.

They do come with a picture of her at the front so this is not something she would have worn however for fans this could be used for dress up in the future not restricted to Halloween.

Click Here for Pictured Shoes

Disney Frozen Elsa Makeup

Makeup is always optional, however Frozen characters have been compared to Bratz dolls which can’t be a positive thing therefore an au naturel look may be something you’d prefer.

  • Otherwise here’s a simple look to recreate in four minutes. Take your damp foundation sponge with foundation on the back of your hand dab into it and gently pat onto your face. Then apply a powder foundation.
  • Take a dark brown eyebrow cake, run this into your eyebrow shaping them into a strong arch. Now apply purple eyeshadow onto the corners of both eyelids, take a lighter glittery shadow to fill the middle. Now add pinkish red eyeshadow onto the edges of the purple shadow. Go back with your purple shadow underneath your lash line this time.
  • Create a dome shape effect for your eyes with a black shadow. Drag black liner across your upper lash line thickly. For an added pop glue on fake lashes to the upper lash line, finish with your favorite mascara. Contour the nose for a nice button look and add in freckles where appropriate around your nose and cheeks. Run blush subtly onto your nose and cheeks.
  • Either enlarge or shrink your lips with a red raspberry lip liner so they match the size of Elsa’s. In this case the artist shrinks hers. Don’t forget blue contacts to help your eyes pop too.

13th Disney Princess

51EdMuwrfTLDid you know this new snow queen is the thirteenth Disney princess? Well not officially but we all know it’s bound to be confirmed at some point especially considering there is a sequel in the works which will only boost the character’s popularity.

As kids Elsa who could manipulate water in all its forms but didn’t have full control of her powers accidentally harmed her sister Anna. Then she puts a curse on the kingdom which put its in an eternal winter.

To protect everyone around her she locks herself up in an ice palace. It’s not until years later than Anna goes to find her sister and an Arctic adventure ensues.

Many people are inspired by her strength as well as loyalty to her sister Anna although there are many other favourable traits that people have been inspired by and even helped them in their day to day life.

What is it that you like about her character the most? Pop a comment below!


Many people praise this movie for being a tale about two sisters not about finding a prince to love although the plot does include this it’s not a focus, these strong female characters can provide positive role models for the modern girl.

But a movie this big isn’t without its fair share of controversy too with many people criticizing its plot for being a rip off of Lion King and character’s size and figure being disproportional to real life. Even well known actress Mayim Bialik who plays geeky girlfriend of Sheldon Cooper in sitcom Big Bang Theory posted about these viewpoints on her blog.

Whatever stance you take there’s no doubt that come Halloween a lot of girls will be dressing as their favourite Frozen character regardless of the disputed controversial themes. There is a similar style tutorial for Anna for sisters or mothers and daughter to dress as pairs.

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