DIY Esmeralda Costume

DIY Esmeralda CostumeToday we’ll be focusing on how to create a do it yourself Esmeralda costume from the Hunchback of Notre Dame including: chemise dress, corset and hair. Perfect for young girls and adults this Halloween and cosplay season.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame was the Disney movie everyone was waiting for, a deep engrossing plot, well developed characters and darker themes people of any age could relate to.

Perhaps the most underrated Disney film of all time not performing particularly well commercially but with a strong cult following nonetheless. Ideal if you want to dress as a character that is well known but unique, so the character will be recognized but stand out too at whatever event you attend.

Esmeralda Hunchback Costume

Gypsy Adult Costume

Before we begin checking out the do it yourself route here is a premade outfit that would work perfect for this character. An adult gypsy style costume with dress, scarf, belt and headscarf. Perfect if you’re in a rush or want to put together an outfit quickly without any hassle.

Let’s not forget an important detail also known as her hair. Without this your attire will fall flat so it’s important you get it right. If your natural hair is already curly then you’re sorted, if it’s not or is a different color then you’ll need a wig to fill in the gap. A short curly black wig is what you’re aiming for.

Once you have a wig in place you’ll also need a length of pink or light purple fabric to use as a headband and complete your look.

Esmeralda Chemise Dress

Dreamgirl Pretty and Peasant Dress, White, Small/Medium

If you like the look of the premade outfit then go with that however you may find you’ll create a better replica if you assembly the individual items yourself. Begin with a white off the shoulder style chemise dress. If you already own a similar piece of clothing use it otherwise check out local thrift stores or auctions sites online to put together all the pieces affordably.

Esmeralda Corset

Alivila.Y Fashion Sexy Vintage Underbust Corset Bustier 2868A With G-String-Blue-S/Bust:30-32inch Waist:24-26inch

Next up you’ll need a corset, not just any corset will do though but one that matches the blue and yellow striped design. This blue underbust corset is a great base to work from adding yellow stripes with extra fabric you have laying around or yellow fabric paint for the same effect.

Belly Dress

Dance Fairy Purple Satin Perfect Clipping Belly Dance Long Skirt

The final piece to the puzzle is Esmeralda’s flowing purple dress, you can go with a choice of purple or blue or a combination of both. If you do cosplays regularly chances are you have spare purple and blue fabric around, this would be the perfect time to use those supplies up.

There you have it everything you’ll need to put together your own Esmeralda Hunchback costume this year for cosplay or Halloween. This makes the perfect choice for couples with someone dressed as the Hunchback to complete the ensemble.

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