DIY Jon Snow Costume

diy jon snow costume

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You’ve probably either watched Game of Thrones or have heard of it, the series is not only a successful television show but also a huge book series by author George R. R. Martin.

Thanks to this success Jon Snow is an extremely popular character for cosplay thanks to all of the work put into the design of the character’s costumes, this is what makes the series so engrossing to its audience. Jon works guarding the Wall with the other men of the Night’s Watch, they have made an oath to guard to wall for their whole life.

Today I want to show you how to create this character’s costume, no sewing is required so for the most part it is just a matter of assembling all the different items. 

Jon Snow Cloak

jon snow halloween costume To create base of the outfit you’ll need a black turtleneck or tunic for starters, then over the turtle neck a leather vest similar to what you’d wear with a steam-punk themed costume.

Another easy solution is to buy a cheap trench coat from the thrift store and cut off the sleeves to create a tunic for a few bucks. With the tunic in place add a leather belt to keep it there and give the outfit shape.

Over the tunic you’ll need a black cloak with fur trimmed neck, this would be perfect for keeping Jon warm in the winter while guarding the wall and fighting all sorts of creatures. You can find something suitable at Goodwill or online, this may be the only part where sewing is required as you’ll need to attach a furry scarf to the cloak if it doesn’t already have one.

The cloak pictured isn’t officially intended for this character’s attire although you can use it with this, it comes with full length hooded cloak with fur trim.

Click Here for Pictured Cloak

Jon Snow Boots

jon snow boot coversNext is a pair of black pants, baggy enough to stuff in boots. Then the boots themselves which should be heavy duty or at least look the part.

Don’t forget an equally furry pair of gloves to keep your hands warm as a finishing touch whilst wielding your sword fighting White Walkers.  .

Here are boot tops not boots themselves, you’ll have to gather those yourself. You’ll need any regular black footwear from your existing closet and the boot tops will magically transform them into something suitable for manning the wall.

Click Here for Pictured Boot Tops

Jon Snow Longclaw Sword Replica

longclaw sword replicaWithout any weapons you wouldn’t last a day on the Night Watch, Jon’s weapon of choice is a sword. Keep it  at your waist at all times you can also equip yourself with a bow and arrow.


A toy sword is absolutely fine to use however if you want something more substantial here is an exact replica of Jon Snow’s famous Longclaw sword. It’s not a toy weighing just over 4lb in total with a length of just over 1 metre.

This is an officially licensed HBO accessory made of stainless steel for a mirror like finish but what I like most and I think you’ll appreciate too is the dire-wolf head pommel with two piercing red stones as eyes. After you’ve finished with it mount it on its included plaque with silk-screened wood with the Night’s Watch oath inscribed.

Click Here for Longclaw Replica

Jon Snow Wig

jon snow wigDon’t forget two very important parts of the overall look: hair and make up. You don’t need to be an expert but some attention should be directed toward getting this right. Jon’s hair is short (shoulder length) and very curly, either style your own hair with a scruffy edge to it or wear a wig.

I’ve picked out a wig specially for this out, it may be intended for Rocky Horror Picture Show’s Frank N Furter however it’s short, black and curly like we require.

Next is facial hair, if you’re a girl you’ll need a mustache set alternatively use a mascara pen to lightly add on fake hair underneath your nose and around your mouth, I’ve seen people on YouTube do this really effectively for this look.

Click Here for Pictured Wig

Another thing to remember is the two distinctive cuts on his face one above his eyebrow and another on the bridge of his nose, add these in with red make up thinly.

There you have it the complete outfit, there’s a lot of items which makes for several layers which can get quite stuffy. Always keep a simpler outfit on hand for multiple day cosplay conventions to change into to avoid this but most of all don’t forget to have fun! If you’re looking for a cool pairing why not go with a friend or brother as Khal Drogo or Ned Stark.

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