DIY Marilyn Monroe Costume

marilyn monroe costume

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Fancy dressing up as a glamorous fifties movie star icon? Then this Marilyn Monroe themed do it yourself costume tutorial may be what you are looking for. Marilyn is a well known actress, model and singer from the fifties and late sixties era. When she started modelling it wasn’t long before she was starring in successful motion pictures too which subsequently gained her a lot of attention.

What keeps her relevant after all these years is the fact that her look was simple but timeless. A classic combination of ruby red lips, blond hair and long fluttering eyelashes that propelled her to sex symbol status.

One of her most well known and iconic looks is that with a white dress flowing in a gust of wind popularized in the 1955 film ‘The Seven Year Itch’ that has been parodied over and over again but no one can come close to the original although you can give it a shot.

Seven Year Itch Dress

seven year itch dressIt’s obvious the first item you will need for this outfit is the dress, just like the one above it should be able to take a gust to wind in its stride and be able to stay in place when you need it to.

Either check online for a replica to use or for a creative touch pop into your local thrift store to see what’s available, generally you’ll have to go back a few times as old stock gets cycled out until you find something suitable.

Click Here for Pictured Dress

Marilyn Monroe Makeup Tutorial

  • With the dress sorted move onto Marilyn’s classic hair and make-up. You can start with a foundation if you want your skin to have a flawless look, then go in with a light face powder to highlight your nose and forehead. After that you can add blush on the cheeks to give them slight colour and blend this in with another brush.
  • Then for the eyebrows, start with an eyebrow brush to clean up your brows and fill them in. If that isn’t doing the job completely use an eyebrow marker for an added oomph.
  • Now for the eyelids themselves, begin with a white eye-shadow and apply it all the way from the base to the eyebrows. Then the artist uses ‘Nude Tube’ pallette and uses the white color in the same way again from base to brows and using a smaller brush work on the inner corner too.
  • The next step is to line the upper lash line with a thick black eye-liner. We can’t forget false lashes either for even more length, here she uses a half set of lashes to give a sleepy effect to the eyes.
  • Now for her iconic ruby red lips. We’ll start with a gel liner to the edges of your lips, this is to create a crisp outer line. She then uses a dark red lipstick but applies it using an eyebrow brush instead interestingly. Then use the actual lipstick on the inner part, finally add a touch of gloss for a shiny finish.
  • Finally add in your beauty spot on the left side of your face using a normal eye-liner pen.

Marilyn Monroe Wig

wigWith her make-up completed we can move onto the wig, just as she was known for her role in many blockbusters of the 50’s she was also known for her short blond hair, brilliantly contrasted by her bright red lips.

Here is a wig you can use that will go well with the dress and makeup too and it is from the same company that does the dress as they appear to be the most popular on Amazon at the moment.

Click Here for Pictured Wig

There it is, the very iconic seven year itch look that is instantly recognizable to recreate. Have fun but don’t get too carried away with subway grates!

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