DIY Purple Minion Costume

purple minion costumeDespicale Me was a surprise breakout hit by Illumination Entertainment when it was first released back in 2010.

So successful in fact that it spawned a sequel and a third ‘Despicable Me 3’ planned for 2017. For the time being a spin off will hit theatres later this year (2015) based solely on the Minions.

In Despicable Me 2 we are introduced to evil purple Minions, you see every good thing has a bad side and that includes those adorable yellow minions we all know and love.

A serious mutation turns them from sweet munchkins into indestructible monsters that are immune to all types of weaponry even including ingesting a bomb

For any fan of the series out there what better excuse to dress up as something crazy this Halloween than this purple minion costume tutorial covering everything from their wig, outfit and goggles.

Purple Minion Costume

outfitBefore we touch on diy instructions for those who just want a preset costume they can fling on at a moments notice and be able to trick or treat or attend a part straight away here is the perfect choice.

What you’ll love about this set is the ease of which it can be worn, it comes as a foam tunic that can be easily pulled over what ever clothing your child is wearing.

Only items not included are pants, shoes and shirt but these are fairly easy to source from your existing closet anyway. A shirt can be used to keep warm on a cold October’s night depending on the weather of where you live.

Click Here for Pictured Tunic

Purple Minion Wig

purple minion wigNext up is a wig, it’s fine to go with just the tunic but if you want your hair to look a little more frenzied then this is a good excuse to wear this purple rock star style accessory.

Here is the perfect wig to use to complete your child’s attire, what I like about it and I think you’ll agree is it fits the characters exceptionally well and if it’s not exactly to your tastes it can be styled to your requirements.

A wig isn’t necessary if you use spray dye however you’ll need oodles of it especially with naturally darker hair, best to go with with a base of white hair paint if you’re hair is dark to start with and then apply purple spray after so it shows up better.

Click Here for Pictured Wig

Minion Goggles

purple minion gogglesIf you want to get goggles separately to go with your wig that is perfectly fine, it is one of most important accessories when creating the outfit from scratch, the minions just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Unfortunately most goggles available are made for yellow minion outfits therefore aren’t suitable. Don’t dismay there are several workarounds such as four options listed below, choose which ever is most suitable for your situation.

  • Use nerd style glasses as a substitute
  • Find one of the many free online goggle templates
  • Paint yellow goggles purple
  • ArcOne Fly Safety Goggles

For ease I suggest wearing these ArcOne Fly Safety Goggles as listed above, they have the perfect shape for this look and are color neutral too.

Click Here for Pictured Goggles

The final minor accessory is gnarly teeth, you didn’t think crazy evil monsters would have perfect teeth, did you?

DIY Purple Minion Costume

Creating a DIY costume involves a little more work than putting together the premade elements above however the result will be worthwhile. Before you start gather all supplies, you’ll need:

  • Purple turtleneck
  • Black overalls
  • Safety goggles
  • Purple hair spray or wig
  • Black gloves and boots/footwear

Once you have all individual pieces in place to bring it all together use purple face paint on your face and neck areas to create a cohesive finish.

Going as a group makes everything double as fun and this outfit will make that possible, you could pair up with people dressed as the other characters including: Gru, Agness, Scarlet Overkill and others.

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