Dobby Costume

dobby costumeDobby is the most beloved house elf of them all and many fans of Harry Potter’s favorite character and for good reason and today if you are one of those number one fans I’ll show you how to create his costume for cosplay and Halloween.

We are first introduced to Dobby in the second book/movie of the series: The Chamber of Secrets, he doesn’t come across as the most likeable of characters at first because we find out he is the one that has been stopping Harry’s letters but he has good reason, not that Harry would listen.

He knows about the Chamber opening and warns against going back to Hogwarts, this isn’t the first time he tries to protect the boy who lived he also stopped the barrier working at Platform nine and three quarters aswell as unleashing a rouge bludger on him during a Quidditch match in the hope that the injury would make him leave Hogwarts.


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At present and for the foreseeable future there is no official costume available only masks and accessories, it’s probably because this character doesn’t get as much airtime as the others which is a shame but means while his outfit may be harder to recreate you’ll have something unique to wear at the end of the day which will help you stand out.

As we know house elves only wear rags not anything special and so you’ll have to find something you can ripped and ruin a little for the same effect this can be a white tunic or gown which can be found in your local thrift or charity store.

When I was thinking about what would look similar to a pillowcase but for an adult my mind drifted to Roman and Greek gods and so I stumbled upon this white tunic for men, it does include the rope belt but you can take that off if you like and use it for this instead.

For a younger child you could actually use a pillowcase as clothing like Dobby does or bundle multiple together using a sewing machine for older children. Use a white pillowcase that’s a little distressed with coffee to create stains and add a brown tinge to the fabric.


 Harry Potter Dobby 3/4 vinyl Child’s Mask

Next is Dobby’s mask, getting the clothing right is hard enough but masks are a lot easier to find. Some masks are made out of vinyl others latex so which one you decide to buy will depend on the type of look and feel you want. These are available for both adults and children.

This has to be the easiest cosplay ever as you don’t even need footwear. Probably not the most practical thing though so it’s better to wear discreet shoes that won’t take away from the rest of the outfit.

It is Harry that comes to Dobby’s rescue at the end of the second book when he offers him a pair of socks so the final accessory you may want to take to provide a better picture of the character is a pair of (preferably clean) socks to show you are no longer enslaved to your master Lucius Malfoy.

Overall I think you’ll agree this character should have been in the movies more, he’s definitely not someone fans will forget soon. This is a perfect idea for brothers or friends too as someone can dress as Harry or as a large group as all different characters.


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