Donald Trump Costume

Donald Trump Costume

You’re Fired!

When I saw a news article about the new sexy Donald Trump costumes (yes you heard that right) pop into my Facebook timeline I knew Donald Trump costumes would be a ‘thing’ this year for Halloween.

It’s customary for anything pop culture related to be turned into a costume in the months leading up to Halloween and Mr Trump is no exception.

I live all the way in the UK and I still hear about the outrageous things this man does with added emphasis on his political debates this year, from starring on the Apprentice to being a possible candidate for US President, it’s no wonder this man is on the lips of many.

Below we’ll be dissecting Donald Trump’s look including his unruly blond hair, suit from the Apprentice aswell as attire for his US President 2016 campaigns. 

Donald Trump Wig

Adult Billionaire WigMr. President Billionaire Halloween Costume Wig, Adjustable

Let’s start with Donald Trump’s hair, one feature of his appearance which comedians have taken a pop at. Throughout the years we’ve seen his hair go from strawberry blond all the way to light brown so it’s totally up to your which style and color of wig you choose.

If you’re natural hair is adaptable and you don’t mind using it for this look you could use it along with spray in yellow dye for a quick makeover.

Make America Great Again Hat – Donald Trump for President 2016

Bewild Brand® – Make America Great Again Red Hat – Donald Trump 2016Make America Great Again Trump 2016 Unisex-Adult One size Hat White/White

We all known Donald Trump is a master at causing a media storm and as the saying goes: “All publicity is good publicity”. When Trump considered running for President 2016 the media got hold of the story fairly quickly but they needed a catchy slogan to get people talking.

It didn’t take Donald long to spew out something the media could package up nicely into eye-grabbing headlines as he promised to make America great again.  These red hats are already proving popular with Donald’s memorable slogan printed across the middle (in red and white colors).

Donald Trump Outfit

Fuomo Business Classic Men’s Suit 2 Button 36S BlackInfant Tycoon Halloween Costume

While Mr Trump may be a media mogul he is also a business tycoon and that’s what he should be known for not outrageous comments in the media. After you have a blond wig and ‘Make America Great Again’ red hat in place add a business suit for better recognizability.

You don’t want to turn up to a cosplay or fancy dress party and people don’t know who you are trying to portray. Here are options for men aswell as infants so regardless of your age you can join in on Halloween.

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