Dora the Explorer Costume

dora the explorer costume

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Today is an article on how to create your very own (or for your child) Dora the Explorer costume, the main character from the hit show on Nickelodeon of the same name.

The show centres around a little Spanish girl who along with her animal friends goes on tons of adventures teaching children about directions, life lessons and how to speak Spanish.

The are some children’s shows that are enjoyable for adults to watch, some that are bearable and then there are some like Dora the Explorer that make you want to pull out each hair individually over and over again. Maybe that is only me but the repetition would drive anyone over the age of six up the wall.

Dora the Explorer Wig

Rubie’s Costume Women’s Black Super Model Wig, Black, One SizeChild’s Wig Dora the Explorer

 We’ll make things easy by starting at the top and working our way down. So to start you’ll need a wig of course, if your daughters hair is already brown this is something to leave out.

Here is a wig you can use for your child in the same style as this Nickelodeon character, it features two bangs that go either side.

Dora the Explorer Halloween Costume

Nick Jr. Dora the Explorer Child’s Dora Costume with Backpack, SmallToddler Dora and Friends Dress Costume

Next is her clothing, this consists of two very simple items. A pink t shirt, you can find this already in your closet or at the thrift store on a budget.Next a pair of bright orange shorts. Once you have these two items sorted clothing is done.


Dora the Explorer Backpack Rescue Bag, Purple

With clothing and footwear completed the next items are things Dora carries around with her all the time without fail, without these very items she wouldn’t be much of an explorer.

The first item being her trusty backpack. This is purple talking backpack that can speak Spanish too, whenever she needs the items in her bag she asks the audience to ‘say backpack’ very enthusiastically.

This is the backpack we all know so well with bulging eyes and a red smile, the bag pictured from Amazon is especially popular with tons of positive reviews.



The next item on the list is her equally as trusty Map, again she has the audience call out her map whenever it is needed. This gives her directions depending on where her and Boots are going in each specific episode, generally the directions come in three parts with an obstacle along the way.

No need to get the map separately it should come with the backpack you get, if not or for the do it yourself route print a similar looking map off and stick it into the pocket of your bag so it sticks out slightly.


Then is the footwear, Dora wears simple white velcro shoes with frilly socks to match. Pair these two together (pairs that you already own) to achieve a similar look.

There you have it a complete Dora the Explorer outfit for your little girl. While adults may find the show annoying children just love it and it’s educational to boot so I think you’ll agree it’ll make a wonderful costume for Halloween and parties.

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