Draco Malfoy Costume

Harry Potter is hands down my favourite movie series and my second favourite book series, it’s one that I sped right through even-though I really wanted to savour each moment I couldn’t help myself but rush through and get to the end.

Everyone knows that characters make or break any book and the Harry Potter series has its fair share of good and bad characters that people can either love or love to hate. Draco Malfoy (son of Lucius Malfoy) is one that people love to hate and they have good reason to not to mention he is part of the Slytherin house which notoriously has some of the most dark and dangerous wizards in it.

The Sorting Hat didn’t even need to touch Draco’s head before it thundered ‘Slytherin’, and although I know the hat is very wise I also want to consider that Malfoy wasn’t all bad and I think as the series progresses we actually get to see some of his good attributes even if they aren’t the most obvious. So this is not an all bad person to dress up as, where ever there is dark there is also light.

Draco Malfoy Wig

The first part is deal with is the hair, this is the most recognizable part of him and one you want to recreate well. The hairstyle is pretty typical, that is one that looks like it has been cut with a bowl as a guide. You can either cut or style your own hair into place or use a wig such as the one I have chosen below.

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Draco Malfoy Costume Robes

Next with the hair done we move onto the Slytherin robes which all people of that house are seen wearing in the movies. It features a silver snake on a emerald green crest, a perfect association with the well known people who have gone into the house such as Snape, Bellatrix and even Voldemort himself.

You can either use an official robe that you don’t have to make yourself or use a pair of black robes and sew on a crest made of felt or other silver and green material. I have chosen robes below for you in both children and adult sizes so everyone can join in on the fun.

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Draco’s Wand

As with every other wizard alive you will need a wand of course, Draco got his (like everyone else) from Olivanders’ store in Diagon Alley. For people going the do-it-yourself route then you’ll want to file down a stick or piece of wood into the shape of a wand. Most people will not know whether the wand you have is an exact replica or not, but for fans there is something suitable you can use which is below. This is a long sleek black wand with a handle on the end with silver around the edges.

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This is pretty much all you will need to create this spellbinding outfit perfect for cosplay events and Halloween and fancy dress parties.

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