Duffman Costume

duffman costumeI’m a huge fan of the Simpsons and basically any comedic cartoon, Duffman is a character from the Simpsons that pops up from time to time. As you know Homer’s favorite beer is Duff and Duffman is the mascot (hence the name).

Don’t worry though Duffman can also be Duffwoman it doesn’t matter who you are, you should be able to enjoy representing and showing your love for your favourite character.

He reminds me of another Matt Groening character, Zapp Brannigan in the way he talks about himself in third person is very smooth talking and obnoxious.

The outfit comprises of the beer can belt, blue outfit with ‘Duff’ logo, six pack and hat. You don’t need to be ripped to pull this off though, we’ll cover that below.

 Disguise Unisex Adult Classic Muscle Duffman, Multi, X-Large (42-46) Costume Disguise Unisex Adult Deluxe Duffwoman, Multi, Large (12-14) Costume

Here are premade costumes for both men and women. Well the first one is actually unisex and features the jumpsuit with muscles, cape, belt, and cap. The woman’s one features the dress with cape, the belt and headband.

DIY Outfit

  • Light blue T-shirt
  • Blue pants
  • Red briefs
  • Red Coverse shoes
  • Baseball cap
  • Sunglasses
  • White latex gloves
  • White rubber boots
  • Red Cloth
  • Printer

You’ll need the above items before you can start, as I say all the time the thrift store is the perfect place for these and you may even find a premade costume there for a steal if you look around.

The only real adjustments you need to make are creating the logo on both the cap and the shirt. You can do this by finding the logo online printing it out and sticking it on using glue.

Then the cape needs to be created, use the cloth cut into the right shape and length with another logo printed off and stuck on. Do the same with the plain cap you have.

For the muscles you might want to put some padding underneath your shirt, here are fake six pack sets from Amazon here.

The rest of the items just need to be assembled/put on and you’re ready to go. Put the underpants over your blue pants or lycras.

DIY Belt

You can create the beer can belt yourself if you want, and cheaply at that. The weeks leading up to your costume build save up six soda cans, or rummage through your recycling.

Once you’ve gathered a good amount of cans you are ready to begin, now you will need to paint each can so they are the same colour as the Duff beer (red). Then paint the logo on using black and white paints and a permanent marker.

Then find a red belt you will use to attach the cans too, this can be something you find at the thrift store to stay on budget. Glue them on using a hot glue gun and make sure they are firmly in place.

Overall I hope this tutorial has helped, comment below with any other suggestions. Now that you have all of the items in place all that is left is to have fun!


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