Edna Mode Costume

edna mode costumeI’ve been seeing a lot of Edna Mode in the last few days thanks to the whole Madonna Brits incident where she fell of the stage because the cape she was wearing was too tight and pulled her off and in typical fashion the internet blew up with Twitter trending with Edna Mode themed memes with her advice ‘No capes!’ It appears Edna was sending Madonna a warning.

She is a character in the animated movie by Disney The Incredibles and is commissioned to design super suits for all of the family that will adapt to their respective powers. She may have her annoying characteristics like calling everyone ‘darling’ but she also has a lot of fans too.

Today I’m bringing you a tutorial for her outfit, as you can imagine with her being a fashion designer her outfit is pretty stylish. There isn’t an official costume for her although I’ve done by best to recreate it using similar items. This means you’ll be unique and stand out at whatever event you attend. 

flapper dress


The main attraction is the black dress, this can be any dress you have on hand or for a bang a sparkly dress with sequins to emulate the look of her sleeves which can go with a short sleeved black leather jacket or waistcoat. Add a final pop of colour with a pink or red tie.

To the side (pictured) I have chosen a dress that can go with this character, I’ve found that flapper themed items are great for this and it has an addition of sequins like I mentioned that is a perfect fit for a flamboyant fashion designer.

Click Here for Pictured Dress

Edna Mode Costume Wig

flapper wigAfter that is the hair and face, she has short black hair in the style of a bob. Cut and style your hair if you don’t mind or use a wig, natural hair is better for styling with steam and a comb however synthetic is more budget friendly.

This flapper wig and others in the same style are a brilliant match for this character, made of synthetic fibre so it’s inexpensive too.

Click Here for Pictured Wig

Once your wig/hair is done don’t forget her glasses, these are very Harry Potter like with round lenses although with a thicker frame. On a tight budget you could find some at the local Goodwill or thrift store or could even use an old pair of 3d glasses with the lenses popped out.

Lastly black tights and for footwear pair the outfit with slip on shoes you already own or a pair that is black to blend in. Edna is also seen with a cigarette holder from time to time in the movie get yourself one to pose with for cosplay photos.

Did you know that the character was based off real life fashion designer Edith Head. I wonder if she’d approve of the parody?

I think any Incredibles fan would be extremely pleased with that, not the most common costume choice but something people will recognize! Pop any questions below in the comment box.

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