Effie Trinket Costume

effie trinket costume

The Hunger Games trilogy has overtaken Harry Potter as the bestselling series on Amazon, which is saying something. While many people will compare the two the storylines are complete polar opposites but one thing they have in common is they both have their fair share of interesting characters.

Effie Trinket has some of the most visually perplexing set of outfits in movie history and that is no exaggeration! The designers of the clothing in Hunger Games really did their job well with Effie as well as Caesar, it is important that the presents of the Games look vibrant and give off an impression of resilience despite the bleak circumstances.

“May the odds be ever in your favor”

Any fan of the series will know this saying and you should throw it into your cosplay a few times during the costume party or event you are going to, to give people a good idea of who you are although they’ll probably guess from the trademark paring or bright colors and floral designs. The saying itself serves as a contradiction and tells you quite a bit about the person who repeats it.

Effie Trinket Reaping Outfit

The first thing that we see at the event where the tributes get chosen from each District is a rather unusually dressed woman with a bowl full of names on a stand, she sure knows how to make a big impact and this will prove to be her most popular look.

Starting from the top and going down we’ll begin with the wig, this will be blond although it could be other colors too depending on what style you are trying to emulate. I’m going with the first time we ever see her at The Reaping Ceremony where Primrose gets chosen to take part in the games however Katniss (her sister) decides to volunteer herself instead.

District 12 Escort Blond Wig

The image to the left shows a suitable wig in the style of a flapper costume wig or Lady Gaga which you can get here, anything remotely curly will do. Almost one hundred percent of the time you see her hair with a decorative item in it whether that be a butterfly or a large flower in this case at The Reaping Ceremony for District 12 you see her with a large dark pink flower in her hair.

As the reference image above shows pink is a big part of this outfit and so the next part of this outfit is the big puffy pink jacket. This may be hard to find, but once you do find it you’ll get a sense of accomplishment you wouldn’t get buying premade. You can find something like this at thrift stores, chances are you won’t stumble upon an exact replica but most vintage fuchsia jackets should work. Underneath this jacket it is fine to wear a shirt, something that will keep you warm as well as be comfortable.

You cannot have the jacket without the pencil skirt, you can guess the color it is without even looking at the picture above. Here is a selection you can add to the wig and the jacket to the complete the look.

Effie’s style doesn’t end there, the next part is her stylish black pumps which contrasts the strong pink colors quite well. It is also very hard to find something that exactly matches what she wears in that scene, to get it as close as you can you want a peep-toe black platform shoe and additional added floral touches wouldn’t go amiss either.

Effie Trinket Makeup

After hair makeup is one of the most important pieces of the overall look if you want to pull the whole thing together. Just like Caesar Flickerman makeup colors depend on what outfit is being worn and the lipstick and eyeshadow needs to match, to create a good look this needs to be done carefully so you don’t end up looking silly.Dark purple lipstick and light pink eyehshadow are needed.

Teal Outfit

Another popular look is the blue outfit with the different hair and makeup to go along with it, with this one she looks even more like Lady Gaga, she could even give the Monster Queen a run for a money!

She is seen wearing an aqua blue teal blouse like the one pictured with ruffles again on the shoulders, with ruffles being so hard to find a regular blue blouse will work well. You can’t stay away from the floral touch with this blouse as Effie places a large blue flower on the right shoulder. Don’t forget a belt to match the color and give your blouse shape.

Next up is the hair to accompany this look, you can use the blond wigs above as they look the same but the only slight alteration you will need to make is use green hair spray to tint the wig a little at the back. Instead of a pink flower this time she wears a black one nestled firmly in her blue tinged hair.

The final items to add are a black pencil skirt and black boots as above.

What is brilliant about anyone you choose to create for fancy dress is that you can add different items to your liking without ruining the theme, what’s one more floral attachment or butterfly clip to a woman who wears tons of them in one outfit?

Make the cosplay yours, do you own thing with it and don’t be afraid that people will not know who you are just because you haven’t followed a reference image to the ‘T’.

All the items you’ll need are above so the odds are in your favor to have a wonderful cosplay or Halloween celebration!

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