Emoji Costume DIY

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade then you’ll know that social media has taken off in a BIG way, we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a plethora of other social media networks that allow anyone to post whatever is on their mind at any moment.

No one is more than a few inches from a smartphone that will instantly connect them to any social media network of their choice nowadays, where they can post a funny status littered with emojis, heck you may even be reading this on a phone right now!

Emojis have only taken off in the last five years as an easy way to express your emotions alongside plain text. Everything from tears of laughter or joy, heart eyes, and winky face are amongst the most popular, with Facebook rolling out their own set of reactions for each post. Today we’ll be diving into a Emoji costume DIY (do it yourself) guide.

Emoji Halloween Costume

Emoji Universe : Emoji Vacuform Party Masks (Pack of 6)Emoji Universe : Emoji Vacuform Party Masks (Pack of 6)Disguise Tongue Out Costume, Yellow, One SizeDisguise Tongue Out Costume, Yellow, One Size


it’s not just teenagers on their smartphones using emojis anymore literally everyone in the world has been taken in by this new craze, I’ve already mentioned before that even Facebook has capitalized rolling out a set of reactions of each individual post.

There are two options laid out above. The first a set of party masks that make a quick and easy costume for fancy dress parties and Halloween or you could go the full hog and get a costume of the tongue out expression (wear a dark shirt and jeans like the model does to make sure the face stands out).

Poop Emoji Costume

BigMouth Inc Doo Doo Head MaskBigMouth Inc Doo Doo Head MaskRubie's Costume 2nd Skin Zentai Supersuit, Black, Medium CostumeRubie’s Costume 2nd Skin Zentai Supersuit, Black, Medium Costume


Who would have known the poop expression would be so popular on social media? Actually come to think of it that’s probably a silly question. This is a quick and easy fancy dress idea that can be worn with your everyday clothes.

I’m always browsing Google Images and Pinterest for ideas on how to put cosplays together and for this theme I’ve noticed  most people wear a mask and a black zentai style lycra suit, this is so the emoji mask stands out as the focal point. Either wear a plain outfit or purchase a zentai suit from the link above.

Emoji Costume Makeup

We’ll start with creating a plain face which will work as a base for whichever expression you choose. Begin with yellow body paint creating a circle around your face. Now to give your face a shadow go in with dark eye shadow around the edges and touch up with dark orange. To create the highlights use a NYX milk pencil or other white pencil and blend it out.

  • Heart eyes: The first expression to tackle is the heart eyes, using the same milk pencil from NYX (all the products used here are from the same company) outline your heart eyes then fill them in. Apply red eyeshadow by tapping it in for a more solid finish and add shadowing with darker lip liner.
  • Winky face: Draw on a circle around one eye and then line the other, next draw on your eyebrows with one on your eye and one higher up. Then create a heart shape on your cheek using red liner.
  • Tears of laughter: Finally my favourite emoji that I probably use the most and one that seems most popular on social media too: tears of laughter/joy. Begin by lining your eyes and drawing in eyebrows. Use the NYX milk pencil to create tears under your eyes then mix in with blue to create the perfect tear colour.
  • Tongue out: Another fun expression is the tongue out with one eye open and one eye closed. We have a mask option above but you could also do it using makeup as shown here. Start using a dark eyesshadow to create the effect of an open eye. Use white body paint and a small brush to fill it in. Use black body paint to fill in the pupil. Finish by sticking out your tongue (not for too long though otherwise you’ll end up looking like a panting dog).

Emoji Costume Ideas

We’re not done yet as there are plenty of other do it yourself ways you could pull this look off. One of the easiest is using a large sheet of yellow card that is large enough to cover your torso area. Decide on which emoji you’d like to be and add on the different pieces of colored card you’ll need using a reference image as a guide.

For example if your choice was heart eyes you’d need red card cut out in the shape of two hearts for the eyes and black card for the smiling mouth, both cut out into shape and glued on. Then use a hole punch to secure string that you can hang around your neck.

This is perfect for families and groups as everyone can dress up as a different emoji, you can all work together on a large table as a group project with a base of yellow card cut out into a circle shape layering on whatever details each person needs.

All you need to transform into pop cultures biggest hit of 2016. Before you leave us don’t forget to check out our social media pages for all the newest tutorials and guides plus take a look at the rest of our blog where there are more articles like this.

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