Family halloween costume ideas

Going as a family for Halloween can be one of the most exciting and fun things to do in the festive season and is great for families that find themselves busy doing their own thing individually and with the advent of smartphones and tablets that even little ones can easily get their hands on this is becoming a major problem. Thankfully families are prevalent in most television shows and movies and so there are a ton of choices to suit your needs, I’ll try my best to dissect the best options below.

The Incredibles

Who doesn’t admire and want to dress up like superheros with all of their cool powers and the Incredibles are one of the most popular group of family superheros out there.

There is the dad Mr Incredible who is incredibly strong and will do anything to protect his wife and kids but also his old life (where he used his powers for good) is still on his mind much to his wife Mrs Incredible’s annoyance, she is super stretchy and wants to keep her family especially her three children out of harms way even if that means sacrificing her old life.

The elder son Dash is speedy like Flash and helps his sister (Violet) learn to use her gifts of invisibility and force field creation. Finally there is the baby of the family Jack Jack who has an array of abilities such as shape shifting and laser eye beams.

The Flintstones

I just love the Flintstones cartoon series and movies and both would make great inspiration for a group family outing. It is often ranked as one of the best cartoons ever or second after only Simpsons which is quite a feat and a testament to just how popular and well known the characters are.

The Flintstone family live in Bedrock where they live their Stone Age life with elements of the modern world (well modern when it was 1960s that is).

Fred is the father who wears orange clothing with black dots that goes all the way down to his knees (one piece) and a very simple light blue tie. Wilma wears a white dress, a pearl necklace and has ginger hair with a bun at the top. Pebbles is the little girl (Flintstones child) who wears a green outfit with ginger hair like her mum with a little bone in it to keep it in place, Bam Bam is the little boy (Barney & Betty Rubble’s son) who wears orange and black shorts and goes topless with a brown strap coming down to the shorts.

As you can see the Flintstones make a perfect combination and you can also bring older friends along in the form of Barney and Betty as well as pets in the form of baby puss (cat) and Dino (dinosaur could be a dog instead).


How about something a little unique and modern, onesies are still incredibly popular and even when they go out of fashion they are still useful for halloween in a number of ways.

Some groups of characters in certain shows and movies may not have costumes available which can be a bummer but it can also mean that if you go the extra mile and make a costume for that theme you’ll be the most unique group there and you’ll be proud of how creative you have been with the materials at your disposal.

There are so many examples I can think of where all you would need is a bunch of different colored onesies with a few alterations such as the Teletubbies (then create some ears with cardboard/material, M&Ms (then create some huge eyes out of ping pong balls, create some white slim arms and hands, powerpuff girls, the variations are endless.

Finally there are onesies that are already made to look like certain characters so all you need to do is plop them on and go trick or treating.

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